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APM 2.5 Bad Altimeter?

Worked perfectly fine in a previous copter (RIP) and stable mode works perfect. Altitude hold causes the copter to slowly rise and then slo…

Started by Caleb Scott

4 Sep 12, 2013
Reply by Caleb Scott

Altitude holder problems

I tried to move my flight mode to Altitude holder when I was flying but when I around 2 meters from the ground the drone tries to land.When…

Started by max246

10 Sep 11, 2013
Reply by Aerhead

First crash with 3.0.1. I was in Loiter and the quad just dropped.

I crashed. First crash with 3.0.1. The quad was flying nicely in loiter... and then just fell off the sky. I looked into the logs and I can…

Started by Ioan Ghip

1 Sep 11, 2013
Reply by RickP

Help interpreting logs after krash

Hi all! I'm a newbie tricopter pilot who is just starting feeling comfortable flying my tricopter after about 5 charges worth of flying. B…

Started by Ibrahim Ulf Karlsson

3 Sep 11, 2013
Reply by dennis scheftner

Using the expansion pins in apm1

tried to addpot1_analog_source = hal.analogin->channel(AN6);pot2_analog_source = hal.analogin->channel(AN7);and then usepot1_analog_s…

Started by Itay Guy

4 Sep 10, 2013
Reply by Itay Guy

Roll pegged, can't recover control

I've had two times now, random, when I am flying in Simple Stabilize and am unable to come out of a roll.  For all I know it could happen i…

Started by Michael Q

4 Sep 10, 2013
Reply by Michael Q

RTF ArduCopter RC wiring

I just received my RTF quadcopter and can't seem to get it to receive any RC signals to calibrate the ESCs. The wiring from 3DR for RC conn…

Started by Andy

3 Sep 10, 2013
Reply by Andy

Totally out of control - My tri tried to eat me!

Hi All. After a few very successful flights where my confidence grew, today I tried to tune the PID's. I guess I were hit by a bug in Fligh…

Started by Ibrahim Ulf Karlsson

3 Sep 10, 2013
Reply by Gary Mortimer

3DR X8 startup issue

Hi everyone. A few days ago I recieved my 3DR X8 and Started calibrating it yesterday. I have a few issues with it. 1: I cannot uppdate the…

Started by Mikael Johansson

11 Sep 9, 2013
Reply by Tash Hepting

Crash after auto-takeoff..? Can you help me finding the cause?

Hi there, I am a new user of the ardupilot 2.6 (ArduCopter V3.0.1, using it on a 10" quadrotor), but I have a lot of experience with my own…

Started by W. Thielicke

3 Sep 9, 2013
Reply by W. Thielicke


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