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Help with Radio Calibration

Hi All, I'm currently running MP 1.2.7 and Arducopter 3.0.1 and when I move the Yaw and Pitch sticks nothing is sent to the motors. Thrott…

Started by Michael Bonadio

6 Aug 24, 2013
Reply by Michael Bonadio

Inaccurate amperage display

I am using the following voltage and current sensor on my quad copter with APM 2.5 running firmware 3.0.1 because the DIY drones one does n…

Started by Jim Johnston

4 Aug 23, 2013
Reply by RickP

Mission Planner and APM2 problems

On recent versions of firmware (where I seem to have not been able to get my quad flying like it did on 2.73) I have been trying to figure…

Started by hoopty

2 Aug 22, 2013
Reply by hoopty

First flight and crash with APM

So this is the result of my first flight with the APM: The quad flew absolutely beautiful for about two minutes in stabilized mode before i…

Started by Håvard Jakobsen

4 Aug 22, 2013
Reply by Tom Mahood

Climb/descent speed limit in AUTO mode

Just tried an high-altitude mission, controlled by two waypoints in AUTO mode. Surprisingly, the copter did not climb as configured by WPNA…

Started by Holger S

1 Aug 21, 2013
Reply by Holger S

Indoor Crash. AC 3.01 Help!

Hi, I had a horrible indoor crash today after I armed my motors. I was in stabilize mode, the quad changed direction towards one side and…

Started by Shyam Balasubramanian

20 Aug 19, 2013
Reply by dr0n3droid

Did the RLT values recently change from Meters to Centimeters?

In MP 1.2.69 on the Standard Parameters page the units for setting RTL_ALT and RTL_ALT_FINAL are shown as being in Meters. But on the Full…

Started by Tom Mahood

2 Aug 16, 2013
Reply by Tom Mahood

Compass does not respond on APM 2.5 arducopter 3.0.1

Hello to everybody, I've got a problem with my APM 2.5 with both internal and external compass. I'm running arducopter 3.0.1. When I go o…

Started by Alberto Mennella

1 Aug 15, 2013
Reply by Alberto Mennella

Arducopter Level Procedure

I have a question about the level procedure: Since my AP is not that easily removed from my frame, how perfectly square should I hold the…

Started by Etienne

1 Aug 13, 2013
Reply by emile

Arducopter 3.X PID settings

Hey Guys I would like to properly document the individual PID settings on the latest code, with a "plain English" explanation of what each…

Started by Wessie

2 Aug 13, 2013
Reply by Wessie


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