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MAVLink message Disable fence floor failed (autodisable)

Hi, I received this message during final appoach on an auto landing "disable fence floor failed (autodisable)" FENCE_AUTOENABLE was = 2…

Started by Geoff

2 Oct 31, 2017
Reply by Geoff

Impossible Trim in elevon mixing

Hi ! I'm setting my new FX61 with an APM2.6 on MP3.4I have to trim one elevon in manual mode, so I try to change RC1_TRIM parameter but tha…

Started by Necris38

0 Oct 25, 2017

ArduPlane 3.8 Error Checking

Hi, I have seen a lot of errors in my mission planner before and during my flight test.  Please, i need help for someone to explain to me w…

Started by Muhammad Shafwan Nordin

0 Sep 19, 2017

pixracer tuning

Hi  i have just ended my first flight with a ar wing 900 (delta wing) and  with a pixracer installed on. the wing flyes well in stabilize a…

Started by Andrea Figiani

0 Sep 16, 2017

ArduPlane 3.8.1 Issue

Hello all. I have been flying a Pixhawk 2 board in a delta wing with AP 3.8.1 . I have been running mission planner 1.3.49. After Upgradin…

Started by Matteo

0 Sep 6, 2017

Arduplane 3.8 elevon/RC mapping/polarity issue.

Hello all. I have been flying an older apm2.5 board in a delta wing with AP 3.8. I have been running mission planner 1.3.48 for a little wh…

Started by Will bartlett

0 Sep 2, 2017

Update Plane V3.8.0

Hi & thanks in advance... I am having a hard time successfully updating from ArduPlane 3.7.1 to 3.8.0.  I am using Mission Planner 1.3.…

Started by Steven Sarns

1 Aug 28, 2017
Reply by Steven Sarns

Pure glider on ArduPlane?

I'm new to Arduplane, but is it possible to have an aircraft be a pure glider (no motor)? How would I set it up to work this way?  I'll be…

Started by Tarik Agcayazi

0 Aug 17, 2017

autotake off not working in Arduplane 3.8

I just went through the configuration for setting up autotakeoff on my plane.  I am testing the take off as part of a route.  When I trigge…

Started by Robert Caraway

0 Aug 16, 2017

Wiring issues?

So, my motors do not get any signal at all. They just "beep" to signify no signal being received. If i hook them up to my receiver they can…

Started by Tarik Agcayazi

0 Aug 15, 2017


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