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Hello.I would like to ask if there is any difference in position (lat and long) in frames GLOBAL_POSITION_INT_COV and GLOBAL_POSITION_INT.…

Started by Aleksander Sawicki

0 Mar 17

Raspberry Pi to Pixhawk link 1 down, garbage values appearing when the program is running.

i'm currently working on an object tracking drone project. I'm using a raspberry Pi as the companion computer and pixhawk as flight control…

Started by JOHN JOSE

0 Mar 16

Implementing MAVlink in my DIY flight controller

Hello there, I have a basic flight controller that just uses IMU data to stabilize my copter. A friend suggested to implement MAVlink, and…

Started by Rafael Bachmann

0 Mar 6

MAVProxy Bandwith management

Hi, My question is related with in the following command, (the syntax is approximated) --master=udp: --out=COM…

Started by Marti

0 Feb 20

Getting Started with MAVlink and arduino- Please help

Hi, I am wondering if anyone on this website has any sort of guide or tips for controlling an APM flight controller with an arduino. I have…

Started by Logan Stahl

4 Feb 15
Reply by Logan Stahl

Pymavlink mavporxy Mavlink status text

I am trying to send custom status text to my SITL application(it is standard simulation basen od I am tryging to send simpl…

Started by Aleksander Sawicki

0 Feb 6

Pymavlink DISARM command

Hello, I am trying to arm my SITL drone using command from that link…

Started by Aleksander Sawicki

0 Feb 1

Which files to modify when I create custom mavlink message?

Hello, I followed this tutorial ( to create my custom mavlink message but I'm…

Started by Tin-tin Patana-anake

0 Jan 22

Dynamic Waypoints

Is there a way to update waypoints dynamically using a Linux onboard computer to the Pixhawk instead of using waypoints from the predefined…

Started by Bharat

1 Jan 9
Reply by Sonny Kaye

How to send MAVLink commands from a Python program from Raspberry Pi?

Hey! I have read a question like this before but didn't really helped me. I would like to know what is the easisest way to send "Roll/Pitch…

Started by Imets Tamás

1 Jan 6
Reply by Fnoop


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