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Waypoint Mavlink

Hi all,           I'm trying to make my drone fly to a point autonomously by defining its world coordinates. I have tried all of the differ…

Started by Abanoub.G

0 Jun 18, 2018

Minimal example of passing decoded MavProxy data to another program?

I'm new to MavProxy (and to MavLink data in general) but just succeeded in installing it and running it interactively on a Raspberry Pi ph…

Started by Grant Petty

1 Jun 4, 2018
Reply by Grant Petty

Telemetry link and microhard

Hi! I want to share the telemetry of my PIXHawk 2 with a microhard telemetry 900 Mhz Bridge (no 3dr , no RFD), anyone have some suggestions…

Started by Federico

5 May 1, 2018
Reply by Tomi Piriyev

Calibration of compass

Hello guys i'm trying to write a code to do a real time compass calibration. it have been one month working on it and didn't find any resul…

Started by Benamiar Messari

0 Apr 26, 2018


Hello.I would like to ask if there is any difference in position (lat and long) in frames GLOBAL_POSITION_INT_COV and GLOBAL_POSITION_INT.…

Started by Aleksander Sawicki

0 Mar 17, 2018

Raspberry Pi to Pixhawk link 1 down, garbage values appearing when the program is running.

i'm currently working on an object tracking drone project. I'm using a raspberry Pi as the companion computer and pixhawk as flight control…

Started by JOHN JOSE

0 Mar 16, 2018

Implementing MAVlink in my DIY flight controller

Hello there, I have a basic flight controller that just uses IMU data to stabilize my copter. A friend suggested to implement MAVlink, and…

Started by Rafael Bachmann

0 Mar 6, 2018

MAVProxy Bandwith management

Hi, My question is related with in the following command, (the syntax is approximated) --master=udp: --out=COM…

Started by Marti

0 Feb 20, 2018

Pymavlink mavporxy Mavlink status text

I am trying to send custom status text to my SITL application(it is standard simulation basen od I am tryging to send simpl…

Started by Aleksander Sawicki

0 Feb 6, 2018

Pymavlink DISARM command

Hello, I am trying to arm my SITL drone using command from that link…

Started by Aleksander Sawicki

0 Feb 1, 2018


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