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3d printer drone bodies and parts for YUNEEC

Smashed my TYPHOON Q500 into a 150ft Ballpark lite tower last weekend, hairline cracks everywhere, camera wiped out, gimbal in parts, landi…

Started by Edwin Gudinas

0 Jul 19

the market of UAV sprayer for spraying pesticide for pest contorl and plant care

Started by dean yang

1 Jul 19
Reply by Sonia White

Measuring Piles Indoors

I work for a grain cooperative that has a large number of Flat Buildings. For those unfamiliar, flat storage is literally a big empty build…

Started by Logan Torrance

12 Jul 14
Reply by Arpad

Pix to pix communication

Hey guys Has anyone managed to get 2 pixhawks to communicate with each other? I want to be able to send the gps coords of my 1st quad to…

Started by Robin

0 Jul 10

avrdude unable to program my ATmega328p microcontroller

I am going to be brief here. So I got my Atmega328p(this is datesheet of atmega328p) microcontroller from Arduino Uno(I pulled it out of th…

Started by nanawhite107

0 Jun 30

Getting input on one channel and giving its output on another auxiliary channel

Hi, I need help for a simple function in mission planner but can't get how to do it. I am getting input on a channel (say ch 6), and want t…

Started by Shlok J

0 Jun 29

Test cases for testing Mission planner and Drones.

Is there any test cases/suite to test Mission planner and Drones. I am looking for following test cases which will cover all following test…

Started by Jothi

0 Jun 29

Asctec/Intel Falcon 8 details

Hello, I'm doing a research about some of the most important inspection drones. I can't find detailed informations about the Falcon 8/Fal…

Started by ActionDrone

0 Jun 28

attiny85: example of OC1B/!OC1B output?

I have a piezo transducer hooked up to 2 of my attiny85 pins, and I'm driving it via software in AC mode @4khz using a timer and interrupt.…

Started by nanawhite107

0 Jun 26

Solar powered online LiPo battery charger.

Hi, I'm looking for a battery charger design that is able to charge and balance a LiPo battery in parallel with a connected load. I want…

Started by Robin Lilja

3 Jun 19
Reply by Aloce Jorsen


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