i've messed around a little with the bs2 code for the geocrawler 4 project and would like to point out one flaw:

DeltaLong = -1 * DeltaLong 'reverse to conform with ArcTangent coordinate standards
DeltaLat = DeltaLat * (128 / 9999) 'adjust them so the max values are +- 128, to conform with ArcTangent standards.
DeltaLong = DeltaLong * (128 / 9999)
workVal = DeltaLong ATN DeltaLat ' reuse workVal (to save variable memory) to hold binary radian result of ArcTangent


" (128 / 9999)" will return a decimal which of course the stamp cant handle so i replaced it with "DeltaLat = DeltaLat ** 839"
and it debugs a good number .before it would only debug "0". i have further modified the code to use the parallax servo controller and hope to do some test flghts in the next month or two when time/wheather allow

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Excellent! That's just why I shared the code--"with enough eyes, all bugs are shallow".

If you send me the improved code, I'll post it here as a replacement, and add you to the credits.

sorry its a bit messy, and i have not included altidude to reduce complication. the waypoints i used were for a "driving " test i did around my 'hood . it seems to work but you never know till you fly
Replaced. You're credted in the navigation file, where that bug is fixed. Thanks again!
just to clarify , the code i sent you uses the "Parallax Servo Controller (Serial) " not the FT639
Ah. That's good to know. I'll clarify that in the comments on the code.
Correction: Rather than make people figure out what to comment or uncomment depending on their servo driver, I've actually posted two different sets of code in that overview post.
Question. I am working on some BS2 code to pass my futaba receiver signals through the BS2 onto the Servo controller. However, even though I got some results, my servos tend to chatter back and forth quite a bit, although the pulse width values are holding constant. Is this due to the nature of the BS2 as I have ordered a BS2p to replace this one.

Do you have a snapshot of your hardware your are using for these attachments?


I'm not at home right now, but will get you a shot when I'm back, tonight or tomorrow. Which servo interface are you using: the FT639 or the Parallax servo controller?

I am using the Parallax servo controller. I think I eliminate the servo chatter for now, but when I move the transmitter sticks the serout pulse to the servo's operates them in jerky motion, not smooth a when seen with a servo directly connected to the receiver. Could it be something to do with the processing speed of the bs2 as opposed to the bs2p?

Here is a picture the project I am working on. The IC chip on the BOE is for temperature measurement.
tell me more about the set up please , whats its intended purpouse?

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