I Launched MP 1.2.51 and it mentioned there was a new version available, which I upgraded to in the app. I connected to my APM 2.5 via USB and updated the firmware as per usual when a new build of the MP has dropped.

When I power cycled everything, the drone was suddenly unresponsive to my Tx- it only beeps the activation tones, how many cells the battery has, but it won't try arming, only beep the ESCs once a second.

Connecting to MP 1.2.52 via USB also had no effect, so I uninstalled it and tried .51 and there still was no response... The reset button on the APM seems to have no effect.

It armed and disarmed (even flew) before the update... I'm likely doing something obscenely inept, but could someone please help me troubleshoot this?

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What firmware version did you uplaod to APM ? Aren't you confusing the mission planner versions (current is 1.2.52) with the APM firmware versions (current stable is 2.9.1b) ?

There is no reason why you should update the firmware of APM when a new release of mission planner comes out. There is no link between the two !

I would suggest that you make an eeprom reset of the APM and reload firmware 2.9.1b on it.

I suppose I uploaded firmware 2.9.1b, since I don't keep track of version numbers, as I'm not an engineer. It wouldn't matter because it would just put a fresh copy of the software.

I'm not confusing the version numbers... did you read the original post? I can't connect to the APM... how can I reset the eeprom without connecting to the MP? Please understand the context of an issue before offering advice. I've been twiddling knobs in the MP for months, and you're asking me to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

I doubt I'd brick my APM just by re-installing firmware, but even if I had to re-twiddle those knobs and wipe the eeprom, how could I connect between my APM and MP?

Like I said before, the reset button doesn't work.

>I'm not an engineer. It wouldn't matter because it would just put a fresh copy of the software.
I would recommend that you start paying attention to the version number. Only install new firmware after reading a release note. Sometimes there are changes you need to make to parameters to keep good flight stability.

2.9.1b fixed some default parameters for better flight, you would only pick these correct values up if you had not set them before or you erased/reset the device.

See http://www.diydrones.com/forum/topics/apm-copter-2-9-1-b-has-been-r...

I answered how to reset your APM in your other post.
Anytime you update firmware you can potentially brick a device. If you pull out a cable or lose power for some reason, like a faulty USB cable, flat laptop battery, loose connector, rotation of earth, the firmware update could fail.

It can normally be recovered by re-flashing the 'boot loader'. The boot loader gives you the ability to flash without special reprogramming HW. If the bootloader is messed up when the flashing goes awry, it's just more effort cost, not impossible.

Then there are always the unexplained can't force bootloader to flash.

Firmware is not software. When updating don't move or touch the board or cable or computer unless really needed is my advice.

Thank you Mr. Bonney! Your tips fixed my issues and prevented a few from occurring. Thanks again!

The radio works and is updating the firmware correctly. Ground and Air modules have solid green lights, but I am still unable to connect the Mission Planner in any way D:

With both radios unplugged, I connect the APM 2.5 through USB and connect my lipo. The usual tones play, but the blue and red LEDs aren't lighting up. They flash for a millisecond when I connect the lipo, but don't illuminate. The motors beep every two seconds and twitch.

Meanwhile at the ground station, the correct com port is selected, baud rate is 115,200, but when I click the connect button, the mav link times out after 30 seconds without any heartbeats received. The same thing happens with just a USB. This is all very sudden, as I've flown it several times without issue.

The beeping ESCs make it seem like they're uncalibrated. The Tx has no effect- it won't arm the motors. The Rx lights when the Tx is switched on, though...

Very strange. Something obvious is afoot and I'm none the wiser.

Any ideas on how to make contact between the APM and MP?



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