1.2.52 update = unresponsive drone?

I Launched MP 1.2.51 and it mentioned there was a new version available, which I upgraded to in the app. I connected to my APM 2.5 via USB and updated the firmware as per usual when a new build of the MP has dropped.

When I power cycled everything, the drone was suddenly unresponsive to my Tx- it only beeps the activation tones, how many cells the battery has, but it won't try arming, only beep the ESCs once a second.

Connecting to MP 1.2.52 via USB also had no effect, so I uninstalled it and tried .51 and there still was no response... The reset button on the APM seems to have no effect.

It armed and disarmed (even flew) before the update... I'm likely doing something obscenely inept, but could someone please help me troubleshoot this?

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