At Home Depot they have giant 4' x 8' and 1/2" thick sections of Styrofoam 
I plan on building a Shadow 200 UAV with this foam.
I have to questions to put out there:
  1. Has anybody used this before?
  2. How has it worked for those who have used it. 
  • Please let me know of any problems/concerns with using this Styrofoam.

I thought of the sheets as a quick and cheap way to make a Styrofoam chassis for an airplane, considering it is only $10.

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Do you plan to have some sort of rod running through the inside of the foam? I've put up similar insulation on my house, and this stuff snaps pretty easily. If you were to use this for something like the wings, I would at the least recommend inserting some thin aluminum rods or something, just to act a little like a skeleton and give it some strength. Keeping in the home improvement aspect, I might think of something like these:

Thin, slightly bendable (not too much), and strong. Still pretty light weight depending on which materials you can find them in.

I did not intend to actually. The Styrofoam I bought the thickest type I could buy. I plan on just shading it down to make it smoother and to give it that curved shape.

I've tried using this stuff. Without a powered sander you will get very sick of shaping this stuff. It is very nice material it's just not the easiest to work with. Especially for shaping wings. I am going to try the thin stuff and fold it over a rod to give it an airfoil shape and use the thick stuff for the fuse.

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