The half a month ago, I bought a Tattu 12000mah 6s battery on ampow, which was relatively cheaper because of a coupon, and I received it three days later, I use it on my DJI s900, it works so nice. Recommend to you. Tattu battery really perfectly.

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Yeah, Tattu is the world first battery brand who only focus on supplying power for drones, UAV, UAS, and FPV products. For DJI S900, 6S, 10000mAh ~ 15000mAh 15C(min) lipo drone batteries are okay. Enjoy.

Thank you, my friend told me Ovonic brand is also okay. Their 16000mAh 6S 25C looks like so nice, I waiting his test result.  The price is really nice. Only $160.

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