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We are building a quadrotor and want to add streaming cameras to the bird. We are currently using 11.1v LiPo batteries and can't have a 12v camera. We have seen the readymaderc ones that are 12v and they look great, but we don't want to add any more weight to the system and our current power supply just wont cut it. Does anybody have a suggestion for a 5v camera that we can get stateside? Most of the solutions come China and are illegal due to the channel frequencies allowed. 



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You know that your lipo usually puts out 12.6 - 11.1v, right? And that you will most likely need to regulate the power, because if you tap directly into your flight power, it will be jumping all over the place anyways from the draw from the motor...


Is it just that you have "11.1v batteries" that makes you decide to not use a 12v camera? 

Thanks for the quick reply! 


We understand that we will have to regulate the power, no biggie. However, we are already drawing some serious amps with 4 x 25amp motors. We want the bird to last as long as possible and the camera will be on the whole time. Just trying to maximize our flight time.

Well, most camera and transmitters need to do about the same amount of work, and most transmitters are designed for a certain amount of power output. So a camera and transmitter designed to run at 12v is going to have a lower current draw than one designed for 5v, at the same power level. 


So you may want to consider going with the 12v system.

You get get a lot of already assembled FPV systems at places like ReadyMadeRC or HobbyWireless - and any of them that include batteries will include an 11.1v lipo....

The 12v video tx and cameras from readymaderc work fine running off a 3s lipo flight pack with zero regulation. That is how my FPV tri's are setup with no problems. The only thing you will need to do is put an LC filter on the power line to the tx/cam.

You COULD power  the video gear from their own 3s lipo but this will add more weight as well as likely reduce your flight time.

Don, could you elaborate a bit more on the LC filter.... I'm a completely noob in the electronics world :)

Sure.. When you power your video tx/cam on the same battery used to power the esc's/motors you will likely get video noise from the ESC's that varies with the speed of the motors.


Here are a few links of samples of what people are doing to rid theirself of this noise...






Just google "lc filter video noise rc" and you will find tons of examples.


For my stuff i simply run a separate tap off the main battery and make a 5 or 6 turn wrap around a Ferrite Torroid followed by a 100-200uf capacitor on the output and feed that to the video tx/cam.


That seems to work well for me as without it i had all sorts of horrible video noise from the esc's.

Thanks Don, really useful links!


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