Loaded the latest update 2.0.36 looks like upload went well, Why do I get 2.0.36 loaded verified failed and then the screen locks?

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Michael is looking at this and he's working on a new version of the mission planner. Check and see if there is a new version available?


I get the same problem with 1.0.36 planner and trying to upload version 2.2.21 of the firmware - uploads, verifies, says the verify has failed and then Planner can only be shutdown via the task manager. Should I try and compile/load it via Arduino?





Looks like it is due to the sketch being too big. I am running a 1280 board and get a too big error when compiling it under Arduino 22.


Peter this is what I get compiling last version with Arduino 22, default config:

Binary sketch size: 123676 bytes (of a 126976 byte maximum)

Please upgrade to the latest Planner (1.0.37) and try again. It works fine for me now on a 1280 board with both APM and AC2.

If you're using Arduino (which adds some error-checking code that may push past the 1280 memory limit), you can turn off some memory-hogging features. A guide to doing that is here:

were is the new mission planer 1.0.37 only 36 shows for down loads?




You can upgrade within the Planner itself:


Hi, mission planer just up dated to 1.0.38, reloaded code , verified code worked no jam.


Before I go fly, I saw my male bullets on my motors are the spinning type and are loose possible I was loosing connection or speed control cut out. I'll keep you posted. 


Thank you Chris.


I'd solder those connections if I were you.

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