The Wire Antenna of my 2.4Ghz Xbee Pro S1 was lost (ripped). Could someone tell me If there is a source to purchase "original" antennas for repair?

I've read that any cable (multi or single core) of the same length will work but since I've lost the original wire I'm unable to measure the length. Could someone who have the 2.4Ghz Xbee Pro S1 tell me the exact length? The cable antenna has a removable rubber cap who needs to be removed (easily) to measure the exact length of the wire.

Help will be much appreciated.

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You need 0.95 times a quarter average wavelength.

That is 0.95/4 * 300,000,000,000[mm/sec]/2,450,000,000[sec^-1]=about 29mm of wire.



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