I have a problem at the moment with 2.70 on an AMP 2.5.  When I select RTL in flight the throttle cuts.  The aircraft was OK as it glided back to the Home position OK however all testing I have done does not allow the throttle to come on.

However I am testing on the ground now.  It finally occurred to me (this is my first APM) that the throttle maybe should not enable on the ground as some failsafes may have been coded to stop this happening.

This is my most important question - am I testing the behaviour correctly?  It now occurs to me that perhaps the plane was above the correct altitude and the motor went to the minimum to lose altitude and would have come on at the correct set altitude.  However I really need to know if the throttle should come on on the ground.

So can someone who is familiar with this are please advise me the conditions that have to be met for the throttle to be enabled up to the cruise throttle setting?  I have checked this setting and it is now 50%.  I have both written and read back this value.  My RTL altitude is also correct at 75M.  

I am persisting with this because it could be a software bug rather than problem with my setup.  The APM flies well in stabilise mode with good return to level flight after pitch and roll disturbances.  It tested this in my first test flight.  After reviewing the logs my second flight was to test AUTO and RTL when I discovered the problem.

One thing that may be a part of the problem.  I enabled the APM failsafe and set up the short and long behaviours however now my APM on bootup goes into a short failsafe (even though the TX is on) and then starts up in RTL mode.  I have to click on stabilise then manual to get it to manual with the TX switch. 

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Sounds like your throttle channel is reversed. Try clicking the "reverse" checkbox in the MP RC setup screen

Sorry Chris - I should have mentioned that I have already done this.  It does not change any of the symptoms other that in stabilise mode the throttle goes to 99% when the throttle stick is in the normal closed position.

The throttle works OK in the correct direction when in stabilise mode.

Are your MP is set for relative, not absolute altitude? If so, I'm stumped. I haven't seen that issue before. Maybe another user has an explanation?

Hi Chris,

What may be stumping you is that I may not have a problem at all.  I have now thought about it some more and the critical test that I did not do is enable AUTO in the air.

When I selected RTL when flying the throttle may have just gone to the minimum I set (0) while the aircraft descended to the altitude I set.  Had I left it gliding a bit longer the motor may have started up again at 75m.

What I did not do, as I was a bit spooked by the RTL thing, was fly it again and select AUTO with my uploaded waypoints.  I have only tested it on the ground which I now realise may not be a good idea.

I will not change anything and test it in the air on the weekend to see if I actually have a problem.

Problem was the noob carbon based input unit.

Flew to day perfectly on AUTO and RTL even in a wind

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