2 Aileron channels. Has anyone got differential working properly?


I have put the 2nd aileron on a separate channel so that I can have differential (defiantly makes my plane fly better). It was working fine with the APM not connected. I have set it up with the wiki brief.

What happens with mine is, all though both ailerons work correctly in all modes, differential will limit the roll in one direction, eg full left roll (both ailerons), half right roll (both ailerons). I cant see any other way to set it up.


Just discovered another disadvantage of having 2 aileron channels. If the APM resets (dont know why it should) then most of the controls are available in manual after about 3sec but the 2nd aileron remains in its deflected state for about 12sec.


I may just use a ‘Y’ lead UFN.

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I tried setting up a second aileron a few days ago because I wanted to use spoilerons but while I could get the dual aileron setup to work reasonably well the spoileron would never work correctly. The impression I got was that what had been setup in the software was just a mirror of channel 1, not a true dual aileron with dual inputs from the Rx allowing differential and flaperons/spoilerons. I stand to be corrected but I suspect this just hasn't been developed/honed properly in the software.

Glad its not just me. I agree, it seems to send Ch1 to both ailerons for a left roll and Ch5 to both for a right roll. Hope it will be sorted soon.

Andrew has made changes in the upcoming release:


which sounds like it'll solve these issues.

Just uploaded 2.67. Differential now working. Brilliant. I wonder what else has changed.



Hi All.  I've tried out the AP2.68 firmware.  It's really nice that the dual aileron control is in the firmware (finally) so I don't have to patch the code each time there's an update.  I've been using dual aileron since V2.28. 

The latest version still has a bug that's been dogging me since V2.28.  Maybe someone can provide insight into it without digging into the code.  My setup is a "full house" glider with dual aileron and dual flaps.  I have differential on the ailerons and butterfly, aka crow, programmed where the flaps go down and the ailerons go up.  This makes for precise spot landings even in difficult spots.  Ailerons are controlled by the APM and the flaps are controlled directly from the RCRx.  Dual aileron works fine in manual mode and stabilize.  However, when I use butterfly configuration, the secondary aileron goes down instead of up.  I'm not sure the stabilize logic is "fighting" with me or what.  The work-around is to do all my landings in manual mode.  This is a totally workable solution for me.  However I would like to at least try a stabilized landing at least once.  It also means I can't play with auto-landing. 

Has anyone else had this problem?  Is anyone using spoileron or full-house wings with butterfly and doing stabilized landings? 

I tried dual ailerons last summer but every time I activated the "CROW" switch to reduce lift for landing it would go into a hard roll. I could never figure it out.

I have not tried the latest firmware with dual ailerons. It was very dangerous so I don’t want to try that again it it’s going to go hard over when I am trying to land. Apparently the developers don’t bother to test this configuration. Has anyone been able to figure out the CROW landing mode – maybe some code modification?



Hi Mike.  Were you going into crow/butterfly with stabilize mode?  I encourage you to try it again, at least on the ground, and try it in MANUAL mode.  As I said, that's the work-around to this bug.  I wish we didn't have to work around it.

If you have crow on a switch, yes, it'll go into a hard roll.  I have crow/butterfly on my throttle/spoiler stick so I can bring it on a bit at a time.  When I upgraded to 2.40 and this problem hit me (I didn't notice it until in the air) I was able to land with about 30% crow and serious aileron deflection.  On the ground I re-discovered that it's only a bug in any of the stabilize modes. 

I land on the FBW-A mode. That’s my favorite more for flying around and landing. And my Crow is on a three-position switch for I basically have two settings. Do you think it’s possible to make it work in that mode?




At the moment, dual aileron does not seem to work with crow/spoileron configuration in any stabilized mode.  So no, at this moment I don't think it will work.  If I can find the time I'll try to solve this problem myself, but I'm not sure I'll find the time any time soon.  I have a work-around (land in manual) and there are more pressing issues with the firmware that I would prefer to solve.  

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