2-axis gimbal with BLCD almost done.
Main purpose is for ortophoto. 

Size - for Canon SX260HS with shutter trigger via servo.

First version - from G-10, but also some tests with ALU 4 mm.
Can be used in part - as 1-axie - only roll for smaller planes.

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Nice engineering job, well done!

Will fit into skywalker old and 2013 model?

What dimensions?

180x180mm (including controller and lipo 2s 2100 mAh) x 40mm

But can be smaller (without controller and lipo) - approx 170x130mm (130x110 for roll only)

I can't see the 'buy now' button! ;)

Seriously, I am looking for something exactly like this for my Skywalker, PM me if it's possible to purchase when you have it working. Cheers.

Do you have any pictures of the gimbal mounted on a plane?

I would like to build a roll stabilized camera gimbal, but it seems that I either have to cut a large hole in the fuselage or make the fuselage itself really big to fully contain the camera. Neither option is looking really attractive.

I've been looking for something exactly like this as well, for a multi rotor orthophoto platform.  If you made a version for the NEX6 available to purchase I'd certainly buy one.

Now working on first prototype with Canon SX260HS installed in X-8 wing with roll stabilization (AlexMos)

Within this week - tests should be completed - will post results.

Sounds good!

I still very interested.

Make contact when able to order it...


look nice

Any updates?  Very nice work.

Do you have an update on this gimbal ?

I'd buy one if you sold it !

Thank you


I'll be interested as well to buy one !

Tell us when you are ready :D

I would also be interested in buying one if you are selling.  I have been looking for a gimbal for my DIY RTF X8 for a SX260.

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