Hi ,
I'm flying with satisfaction from. 1 month an old time plane junior 60 with pixhawk .it is a two axis plane without aileron just rudder and elevator. It flye very well and stable in all f.m. Stabilize, fbwa, fbwb... I used auto tune , and also in auto it flyes all the waypoint, but often is far from the desiderata path sometimes 8/10 meters. Btw ... I connect the rudder in the roll position of pixhawk, and it works fine, but I have some doubts.. It's maybe better to connect in the rudder position and tell to mix 100% roll>yaw with mission planner parameters?
Thanks for your suggestions

Btw where I can find how to do auto trim?
Ciao Andrea

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Here just a pic.

Can you post your parameters file ?

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Sorry . I have no more logs and parameters. when i was trying to fly my two axis the firmware version of arduplane  had'nt the  2 axis option. and the way the aircraf flown was very bas (in auto mode). I know that now it's an option to control. probably you will be more lucky than me.


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