Im trying to see if anyone else has had this problem? Running new APM 2.6 followed all the direction and got to "Getting Off the Ground – Tips for New Operators" and when I spin up the motors 2 of them stop? Here is video link: Motor Stopping

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Its trying to yaw at a higher throttle for some reason. Probably magnetometer interference. Did you calibrate your compassmot? The two clockwise motors stop and at the same time you can hear the remaining motors speed up. That's how copters yaw. At low throttle(ie don't want to fly yet) and a lot of yaw demand, two speed up and two slow down. In your case they stopped. Good you found the problem before you just jammed into the sky and crashed,as some people do  :)

I did follow the guide on 3DR website to setup a new quad which included calibration of ESC, accelerometer, and compass. Any ideas on how to fix this? Im at a loss :(

Just to report back if I hold it and power it up and simulate flight the motors do not shut down. Just think this should be noted in one of the guides? IMO

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