Phoenix Alta 6 UAV FreeFly Systems Heavy Lift, folding frame, SYNAPSE Flight Control, 18" folding props, ESC & motor set, TWO Futaba 14SG Transmitter + R7008SB Rcvrs, 5.8 GHz Black Pearl Monitor & BlackMamba 2 W transmitter combo, NTSC Lumenier CS-800 FPV Camera, Hyperion EOS 0720i Super Duo 7s 16N Charger - Dual 20A/500W 14S Sync mode, 60 amp 10-25V, 1500 watt DC Power supply, LiDAR attachment & landing gear bracket, Cases, spares

LAS Tools Suite: LiDAR Post Processing Software

Base Station w/ Dedicated Data Acquisition Laptop: Quad core i7, 8 GB RAM,

NovAtel Inertial Post Processing S/W (for GNSS outage are expected, Communications to rover via 3G/4G or long distance is not possible)

Integrated UHF Radio Modem (Trimble or Pacific Crest RTK radio networks) 403 - 473 MHz


Sony A6000 camera w/ 20mm Prime lens


Lenovo ThinkStation P900 S Tower - Intel Xenon E5-2660 v 3 Deca-core 2.6gHz CPU, 32 GB DDR4 SDRAM, 1TB mSATA/600 SSD (2X512GB Raid 0), nVida Quadro K5200 8GB GPU, Win 7 Pro



LadyBug5 360 degree, 30 MP camera

 includes 18, count them, 18 batteries!


Placed in service Oct 2016, 2 hours logged flight time by commercial pilot.  Cost $203,845+, Sell all for $65,000 FOB Houston.

HDL-32E Lidar Sensor

The HDL-32E LiDAR sensor is small, lightweight, ruggedly built and features up to 32 lasers across a 40 degree vertical field of view. The HDL-32E measures only 5.7″ high x 3.4″ in diameter, weighs less than 2kg and was designed to exceed the demands of the most challenging real world autonomous navigation, 3D mobile mapping and other lidar applications.

  • Dual Returns
  • ± 2 cm accuracy
  • 1.3 kg with cabling (2.86 lbs)
  • 32 Channels
  • 80 – 100 meter range
  • 700,000 Points per Second
  • 360° Horizontal FOV
  • +10° to -30° Vertical FOV
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Rugged Design
  • Weighs less than 2 kg (4.4 lbs)


Orin Snook


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