I converted my ZMR250 from a Naze 32 to a Pixfalcon. I got everything setup and vibrations looks fine.

I then did a auto-tune on the Roll axis and would like to know if it is normal for a small quad or should I be concerned with the low values.

Stabilize Roll = 4,873756

Roll P = 0,03859347

Roll I = 0,03859347

Roll D = 0,001254361

Imax = 0,444

Filt = 20,000

Firmware Ver. 3.4.6

I did try to auto-tune the Pitch axes as well. But the quad just fell out of the air close to the end of the cycle because of a dodgy battery.

I got new batteries and would like to attempt autotune again. I just need some reassurance.


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Those seem OK, proof will be in the flying. How does it feel?

Thanks for your reply.

I was a bit worried because it can not be set that low under Extended Configuration. You can do it under the full parameter settings but you get a warning that it is out of range.

I will try the autotune again this weekend and report back.

Thanks again.


Hi I upgraded to Ver 3.5

Here is a flight log if someone can look at it and point out problem areas please.

Did not use autotune. I used PID's that flew OK and based on other users settings. I flies ok but seems that the slightest wind make it twitch. In no wind it is very stable.



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