3.6.7 installed and tested- drone crashed- firmware issue or battery or something else…unable to find out!

Incident: drone took up manually, went to the first waypoint in auto mode, then suddenly flipped (30m alt) and crashed on the ground while aggressively rotating upside down. Still not sure why it happened !!

Attaching the .bin file. Some observations(graphs attached):

  1. Event file is very interesting and equally weird: acc to it the drone had landed when it was at 30m, so it was disarmed and was armed again after 24 sec. Is it even possible to rearm after disarming? How can it detect landed at 30m alt?
  2. The battery current drops to 0 in areas where event file shows disarmed.
  3. Vcc of pixhawk shows heavy voltage fluctuations when the drone was flipping down
  4. Significant diff in RCin and RC out of channels 1,2,3 and 4.
  5. Mechanical failure also seems to be detected.
  6. Ctun alt shows that the battery got disconnected in flight!

With all these, I am still not able to find the reason for drone flipping…
Any help will be much appreciated




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Hey bud,

I plot your flight log online here: https://plot.dron.ee/2G4l

Reading the motor outputs while you seem to try to just hover (right before your copter flips) -- I can see your RC2 and RC4 (back motors) being almost at maximum output. If I had to take a guess I felt like your copter was trying to hold position but it couldn't due to very high winds and at that point it flipped and couldn't recuperate. According to GPS data you might have not been flying this at a park or isolated area - maybe you should next time as well. Let me know if my guess is any good.

Oh the calibration extremely get out of standard, indeed.

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