Does anyone have a recommendation for a 3-axis gimbal for an Iris+?

The only option I have found out there is the DYS 3 Axis.  Are there any others that work with a GoPro Hero 4 Black?

Thanks, erik


If someone who owns a DYS and an Iris sees this, I have a few questions:

  1. Does the DYS integrate with pixhawk?
    • Meaning in auto missions or follow me, will the Iris+ be able to tilt the camera up and down to keep the subject in frame?
  2. Is there an interface plate, or do I have to find someone to 3D print one for me?
  3. Does the DYS work with a GoPro 4 black?
  4. How are the vibration levels?
  5. Is it difficult to install
    • Complicated software config I can handle, but on the hardware side I'm pretty awful at soldering and tend to really mess things up.

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Here in Canada i am having a hard time finding the DYS gimbal for sale.  And many of the sites outside of CAN are sold out.

Correct me if i am wrong but i thought i read somewhere that the tarrot mounting plate works with the DYS gimbal?!?  I ordered the plate with my iris + in hopes that another gimbal can use it.  (it was only for an extra $10 anyways).


Yes, the 3DR adapter plate used for the Tarot 2D gimbal works for the DYS. You can also get 3D printed adapter plates.
Here are links to 3 images that *might* be helpful if you are trying to install a DYS 3 axis on an Iris+.

Front View:
Back View:
Close up of pins:

These images will eventually get removed from the site where they are hosted. If someone has the time and wants to "do a good deed" it would be great if they could properly upload these images to this thread and embed them in a post. I'll probably do it myself at some point, but I'm feeling kinda lazy...

I decided to go ahead and upload these images to this thread.  They are slightly different than the ones linked to above (same pictures, just changed some of the labels).

I hope this helps anyone looking to install the DYS someday:



How heavy is the whole setup?


Would you be interested in sharing your PIDs / settings?

Also what firmware revision are you running?

Embarrassed to say that I don't know.

It is definitely heavier than a Tarot 2D gimbal.

I have had one flight in cold weather that lasted 11 minutes and about 45 seconds.  I've had other flights longer than 11 minutes.  For the kind of filming I do, its fine.  I usually plan the shoots ahead of time.  I send it out, get what I need, bring it back within 6 or 7 minutes, swap the battery and send it back out for additional takes.  I expect to get longer flight times when the weather warms up.

I would be happy to.

I will have to cart out my PC to connect and check.  Probably will be a while before I get around to that (within a few days at most).

I did not actually configure much myself - thats why I went for the more expensive xproheli version.  There was a warning in the instructions about NOT using the latest firmware and not updating whenever firmware comes out until they have a chance to check things out at xproheli.  

Thanks, that would be much appreciated.

For the most part, following the settings in Kerry Garrison's video (RocketVideo / RCGroups), I've been able to get a fairly stable image.  The problem I have been struggling with is getting YAW to operate properly in the "Follow" mode.  Mine always seems to drift a few degrees to the left when moving in the forward direction.  There is a YAW offset, but it doesn't seem to help much.

Just curious what settings you are running, then I can compare.

Thanks again!

Well, I decided to jump on this now.

The following screen shots should answer all your questions.  I grabbed a screen shot of each Tab in the configuration software.  The PIDs are in the Basic Tab.

Since my DYS came pre-configured and pre-programed, the only changes I've ever made are to the Pitch Min and Max angle on the RC Settings Tab.


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