Hi ppl
I was wondering about this props :

They have them as CW and CCW , are there any advantages/disadvantages to using this kind of props in a Quadcopter ?

Ivied reed in some forms that they are not so noisy and better for takeoffs ( i suppose they war talking about planes ).

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2 blade is always better than 3 blade, 3 blade allows you to have smaller props as in overall diameter. 3 blade props are also harder to transport and efficiency is less than 2 blade due all blades are affected from turbulence more than in 2 blades. Ok they usually are better balanced than 2 blades.

I have some GWS HD-9050 3 blades that I used to use on my quads. Anyways they work rather ok. I could make someday few tests to see how they compare to 2 blades with overall thrust.
That well be grate Jani .

The prob. with 2blades CCW/CW props is that they are not so many to choose from, and the few that can be found are not that hay quality. I hope somebody well start making some HQ carbon fiber props ( even 15" ) for Quadcopters in the future .
there are some high quality cfk props available (here on the left where it says "propeller")
but they are really expensive because they are hand made
WOOW 50€/2 props , thats europien expensive :))
I was thinking more the lines of asian expensive 20-30$/2 props.

When you crash your quad with thows props i think its similar to a "hit to the family jules:) "

To bad they donth have 14" or 15" props. they stopt at 12" .
Dan there are some 15" CF's that i found from China area but those are also around 40-50USD each. Well coming originally from traditional Helis that's not even expensive ;)

Even a smallest crash on helis size 450 and up is always about 100 USD.. 600-700 size helis I think crash price starts around 200-300 USD so breaking few 40 USD CF blades is nothing. Guess why I moved to quads ok I still have few of my old helis left and fly them now and then..
Factory made or Handmade ?

I don’t really trust handmade CF stuff , unless i made it :)
I must ask you about those props when I pass the testing step .
Well you know.. what is the difference on factory made and hand made in factory. That one what I found looked like a factory but who knows about Chinese companies, it sure can be on someones living room too..

And unless I know for sure too, I don't like to order from them even samples. So search continues. One problem also dealing with them is that there are so many suppliers and you don't have any ideas on who you can trust. Everyone sells exactly same looking products and you don't have any ideas which is original and which is low quality copy.

Just to find those motors that we use on ArduCopter took about 6 months to find proper supplier and we looked around 300+ suppliers, we even used some locals to find trusted company. And I have huge motor graveyard on my office of sample motors that failed our tests. One of most promising provider, their motors were really bad.

Only way to be even 95% sure is to go there physically and look how they do things and where, even still you might be :)

I bet that in Shenzen it self there are over 5000 motor suppliers or they claim to be, well at least it looks like that :)

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