Hi all,

Well today I went for a test flight, trying to get my octocopter under control because I have an important demo to do on Saturday for a potential client. It did not go as expected. Here is my config :

- RCTimer F1000 Cinestar Clone

- RCtimer HP4108 380KV motors

- RCTimer 40A ESC (SimonK)

- 14x4.7 carbon props

- APM 2.5

- 2 x 5800 Zippy 6S

- Brushless gimbal + 1 5000 3S for power + 1 gopro

The first 2 crashes happened like this : I'm flying at about 10 m high and lower my throttle, the copter goes down slowly and at 3 meters or so I'm going full throttle with absolutely NO effect. The copter just crashed on the ground. 2 times. 1 crab leg broken. 

I'm going up in the air for a third time, then this time it starts spinning like crazy then crashes. 1 prop broken. 

So please, take a look at my logs as I cannot understand what is going on. As one would expect, I'm really frustrated because it's not the first time the APM gets out of control and I break stuff. 

Thanks in advance for your time guys !


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Please can you moderator/developer guys start a thread that gives information about what high pole low kV motors work with what ESC. There are a lot of information out there but no concrete answer for what ESC and 6s work with what pole/kV.

After finding out about this, I think it could be related to a crash I had a while back using that same ESC (RCTimer 40a SimonK) with sunnysky 4112 320kv motors. The heli would spin rapidly while completely unresponsive to my commands, then flip upside down and fly into the ground. It was not pretty.

What is the best way to check motor - esc compatibility? 

I'm planning on using 4108 380kv motors with dji 30a esc and 4s packs, would this be a problem?

40a is smalest esc with 6s

I'm still looking for an anwser if somone flies these plush 40a wit h6s and 380kv motors without problems.

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