30 minute multicopter flight times, with a camera, in practice ?

I am wondering if anyone is flying a platform that achieves 30 minutes flight time in practice, while carrying a small camera.

The Phantom 2 Vision is close, at 20 to 25 minutes from a 5200mAh battery, but I am looking for a platform with more equipment flexibility. My Arducopter 3DR-B and my Hoverthing Flip FPV Pro are nowhere near the duration.

If you are flying a copter which gets 30 minutes or more with a camera, would you please share your setup?

Thank you 


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I'm also building an X8 along similar lines, but focus will be for 5kg payloads, not endurance (only 10-12 mins, I estimate. But theoretically it could lift a gimballed nex5 for 20 mins.
What's your current build idea?

Pretty simple stuff really - nothing revolutionary. Focus on usability and reliability, not absolute endurance.

- X8 frame: http://quadframe.com/collections/y6-x8-frames/products/fol-quad-pro-x8

- 8 x Sunnysky x4112s 400kv

- 4 x 15" + 4 x 16" (or maybe go all 16"). 17" will cause motor overheating, according to ecalc

- APM2.6 (what's the situation with APM running 8 motors? I thought there was a problem?). It might get a pixhawk instead, depending on funds and if there are still performance problems with 8 motors.

- Frsky X8D (or ezUHF)

- Immersion 600mw 5.8 (or lawmate 2.4)

- 8 x multistar 45a (over-specced...)

- 4 x folding legs http://quadframe.com/collections/legs/products/landing-legs-for-25m...

- 12,000mah 6S (space for 16,000). www.maxamps.com

- minimOSD and 433 telemetry radio (though not if I go with ezUHF).

- Payloader "max" (still designing this - a 5kg version of my existing one: http://shop.performanceauv.com/Payloader-Night-edition-PAYLOADER-NI...)

found this motor & prop setup is more  efferent on lower voltage 3S, 4S & 5S. find that 6S generates more heat less flight time. copter should be light enough to hover on 3S battery  !

Hey Knut, I stumbled on this link during my search for configurations that would allow for 30+ minutes of flight time. This particular forum thread is quite long, but I've found quite a few useful configurations while going through it.


On my coax Octo, I get 17 minutes of real flight time with a 2 axis gimbal & Sony NEX5 camera + FPV:

-Tiger motors 3515-400Kv

-XOAR props 15x5"

-Simonk Hobbyking flashed Blueseries 40A (overspec'd)

-VulcanUAV frame (CF+Al)

-VulcanUAV dampening (vibration isolation) plate

-Home made plywood vibration isolation plate (4 cinestar red silicon rings)

-Kamkop NEX5 Gimbal+Alexmos+3S separate battery 1000mah nanotech HK

-4 VulcanUAV High Landing legs

-2x 6000mah 6S Batteries (Hobbyking nanotech)


-433Mhz telemetry

-FPV (hdmi converter cable on NEX5)+ IBCrazy Antenna+Vtx

-Pixhawk (I am not flying an octo with APM)


-Dual BECs for triple Pixhawk redundant power supply

-FrSky Rx

-External COmpass+GPS

-And...a plastic flower pot as electronics protection.

AUW 6.8 Kg

I've made an X8 for redundancy that runs 27 min on 20,000mAh. Weighs 5Kg with a Nikon L610 and 2 axis gimbal, video Tx and telemetry

Hovers at about 40%

8 x Multistar 4820 pancakes 690kv, 15x8 APC E props

that's 2 X 6S 10,000 mAH?  Which frame are you using on X8

I'm getting 35-40 minute flight time with this build, carrying a 3-axis DYS Gimbal and GoPro Hero 3:

Frame:  DJI F550 Top and Bottom Plates / Aeroxcraft X55 extended arms (makes this 650 class)

Controller / Autopilot:  Pixhawk with flight modes Loiter / RTL / Drift / Auto / Stabilize / Alt-Hold

ESC:  DJI E600 20A Opto

Motors:  DJI 3508 / 415kV

Props:  DJI E600 12 x 4.2

Motor to motor distance:  12-1/2"

Battery:  6S-16,000 (35min - 40min) 4S2P - 5,000 (10,000 total, 21min),  4S1P - 5,000 (17min) all times mixed flight

Total Weight: 4000gr / 8.75lbs with 16,000mAh batt.

Radio:  Futaba T14SG

Video/OSD:  MinimOSD on TS832 TX

other:  Bluetooth module, strobes, 27" LED Ring, DYS 3-axis gimbal,  12V and 5 BECs, 3 video source switcher

A quick little flight video:


I get from my 450 quad. 30 minutes hovering with 4s 5000 mah. 12,5 inch props. Nothing attached. Weight is 1500 grams

The only problem is the props almost touch each other. And also give a little inteference to each other. The props are cheap ass slowfly props. 

Video Will follow. 

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