I have been working to implement a plugin for STK (Systems Tool Kit) for importing a flight log, recreating the flight, altering some sensor models to depict the camera and camera mode (i.e. field of view).  I can pull the flight data in, overlay the captured video from the flight, compare with a "simulated" view of modeled sensor in the software, and do some pretty cool analysis with other tools in the software (reports/graphs, propagate GPS satellites and analyze and/or predict DOP values, calculate distances to other objects/ areas/ volumes.... the list goes on.

I also have been working to put in a RealTime capability so i can link up to my 3DR radio and monitor the flight of my IRIS+.  You can see some demonstration of what i have working so far here:


Let me know what you think!  I am still trying to wrap my head around the whole MAVLINK world, but i have made some progress!  Thanks to a few folks on here who have given some guidance as well.

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Timestamping using consumer video cameras is tough.. but there are mechanisms for timestamping every frame of h.264 imagery by leveraging the SEI data space.

There are standards out there for this (MISB ST 0604).  There are also mechanisms for adding GPS position and pose of the camera into the video stream (the MISB also specifies ways to do this).


live data streams can visualized as pipes ( Yahoo Pipes Project)
multimedia container just links a number of pipes into a single pipe.
Matroska is exactly open-source container tool and standard to let you pack a number of live data streams into a single live data stream,
liniking many pipes into a single pipe.

Number of codes is provide to unpack Matroska container and tools are provided to pack live data strems into Matroska container.

The idea is easy as in other multimedia standard.

Container is unpacked and individual data strems are played in sync mode
using proper codecs and timing is provided by
EBML file (made of timing data records).

I was looking for examples of EBML files
Just visit
So individual records withing EBML file controler what codecs play back in sync mode in separate windows.

I am still working on putting some additional features on this plugin.  I started to include some additional data from the flight logs so I could pull the data in and then sync things up, analyze multiple data sets, etc.  Here is one really interesting thing I stumbled upon while testing some of my flight logs.

I had loaded two flight in to visualize them both.  This was actually data from when both I and a friend were flying our IRIS+'s together.  I thought it would be interesting to calculate ranges and angles between the two of them, but when I loaded in the RADIO data from the log file and graphed some of the values, I noticed the 'RxErrors' were basically zero until one point during the flight when they all of a sudden started to build up.  You can see this in the graph.  What happened at the time when the RxErrors started to grow?  That is exactly when the second IRIS+ was turned on!  

Anyway, I thought that was pretty interesting to see things like the RSSI, Noise, and other radio parameters during the flight, but I didnt expect to see the RxErrors start building after the 2nd drone was turned on and took off.   

well,how to get the plugin or buy it?      my email: rcdxph2016@gmail.com


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