Has anyone thought about or tried using 3D printing to make custom parts for their projects? www.kraftwurx.com has tons of materials for making stuff.

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There are many threads here at DIYDrones on this very subject, and several members have their own printers as well.

Check Thingiverse, a user under the name of Swepet designed a fully printable quadcopter. There are also other various parts such as motor mounts and landing gear there. Having a 3D printer myself, I too am designing a 3D printed/aluminum frame for my first quad.

We offer a CAD service & 3D Printing, CNC & injection Molding. 

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hi, we're survey company in Indonesia. we have 3D printer with basic filament and mold injection to print spare part in engineering component.

I'm also thinking about it, actually, except 3d printing, I'm dreaming to develop AR/VR software for my custom project. I want my drone not only recording stuff, but also showing augmented content.

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