hi. I am new here and so take it easy with me. I am into air photography and at the moment using align and logo 600 models. I need to find a steady platform to do video work so moving over to the multi rotor platforms. I am going for a 3d robotics Arducopter hex. So I am looking at the APM Power module with the deans connector. My question is that as I have loads of 6's Lipos and all my equipment is set up for these can I use these lipo's on the APM 2.5 + Set. If so what am I looking at to do this.

Many thanks in advance. J White

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Power module is 4S max. I wanted a 6S version too :-(
Me too (wanting to use 6s)
I use current usage statistics all the time so don't want to lose this.

Keep in mind that it is the PWM that sets the voltage limit if you are using it to power the APM and your motors.  If you wanted to use more volts to your engines, you could simply have 2 power systems...one for the APM, the other for the motors. I run 2 S3 batteries in parallel on my HEX to power the motors with no issues.  Just make sure that your ESC's and motors are rated for the power you are sending them.

I use a seperate 3S for the APM + sensors circuit. Not ideal as it adds weight and complexity, but I'm sorta glad I don't have to worry about a sudden acceleration on the motors browning out the APM.

Guys, we're wanting to keep the current draw (mAh used) feature for the main batteries, a really, really useful and professional feature for knowing exactly when to land.

We have this via EagleTree system on our Helicopters.

Just wondering if their is a simple component swap on power module that will accept higher voltage?

We know we can use a BEC instead of power module but that won't measure current on main batteries.

I'll have a look at the AttoPilot sensor, thanks!

Thanks and Regards, Greg

Thanks Darrell!

That's the one we're checking out (On your advice).

Appreciate that!!


There's a thread here about suggestions for the next Power Module, I'm really hoping they support 6S with the next one.

I cheat - I use a spektrum TM1000/AR8000 and read the flight battery Volts direct on my DX8. and get a customised voltage alarm too, which I cannot miss. Works great, as I don't always see the warning LED's or hear the alarms (especially if you're far down the field). That was an expensive day that day...


Snag is, it's Spektrum only.


My APM + power module circuit has 3 hours of flight time under it's normal load, so I don't measure that one at all, but since I nearly always have my laptop with MP running at the field with the 3DR telemetry, I do still get the APM circuit voltage and warning there if i need it.

Where's that thread at?  In addition to 6S/50A that I am running off of,  I would request the ability to monitor power draw from the servos/APM separate from the motor since it is difficult to measure servo current draw in the air.  The ability to run the servos off of the APM's power module as a BEC would be a huge bonus as well.

Which servos? The gimbal servos?

If you plan to lift expensive video kit, I would caution against using the APM to power servos. Try to keep your APM well within it's voltage and ampere envelope by keeping attachments to a minimum, and powering everything else from the flightpack circuit.

The control surface servos to check for binding, but it doesn't really matter since the power module doesn't support 6S.


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