Thought I'd pass on this tidbit for anyone else who's been waiting for their Iris pre-order to arrive.  I got the following message earlier today from 3DR support:

"Dear customer,

We are contacting you today in regards to your order xxxxxx, containing an Iris.

We have been informed that due to some improvements on the product, all Iris orders are being delayed and expected to be shipped early February, as an estimate.

We are working very hard to improve the design to guarantee you all, the best quality in our products.

We appreciate your ongoing loyalty to us as well as your understanding.

Please let me know if I can further assist you."

Agh!. But I guess it's better for them to make fixes (uh, sorry... "improvements") before we get it rather than after.

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Ryan-  Have you tried calling them directly with your concerns?  Sometimes they need to override automated ordering systems in cases like this.  I am also an IRIS dealer and carry both the cases and the IRIS kits as well as our new custom Spec Ops package that includes everything like 5.8 GHZ video downlink, case, etc.  Unfortunaley we just shipped our last one yesterday.  We should have more kits and cases next week if you don't get anywhere with 3DR.

My site is is case you're wondering.

Good advice, Adam. I will call them tomorrow. Great site, btw!

I love the cases you and 3DR are selling. But let me ask you: aren't LiPo batteries only allowed as carry on luggage on planes?

Wouldn't it be better in this case to have a case that is more flat, for instance by detaching the long legs and reducing the height? Isn't there a way to make a case that is FAA carry-on compliant? 

I'd rather check in the clothes and carry my Iris when traveling.

Quick update: I called the company today and they said it may ship this week or next week. Either way, as long as i get it by the end of March I should be okay. I know this Iris will be worth the wait, but hopefully someone at 3DRobotics will remove the 1-2 week reference considering their turnaround time seems to be more like 3-4 weeks. Under-promising and over-delivering would be a much better service approach (especially with new customers), but in the end if the product is as good as others are claiming then much of the service issues will eventually be forgiven.

Just got my tracking number today (after being told last week).

How long did yours take to arrive?

My experience thus far with 3DRobotics has been less than stellar. Rather than rant in two places, here's a link to the original post explaining my unboxing shock:

Still no shipping to Europe :/

This is what I got as an answer concerning the shipping delays to europe:

What a joke


Thank you for contacting 3D Robotics.

We are more than glad to ship to Europe! Feel free to place an order on and we will happily send it to you.

In which country are you located? are you looking for a local distributor?

If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to reply to this email.

Thank you.

How big are the molded parts? What are the max dimensions required?

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