Hi Guys,

I do not know how many have had issues with 3DR/ udrones customer service. I am quite disappointed with their customer service response:

1. I do not see any customer service number to call/ enquire. I am surprised!!

2. Not completely informative and I have to wait days before getting information on an order/ any issues with an order before even placing it.

3. The udrones website is not completely informative, with broken links, lack of information on money payment methods on checkout (udrones).

Also, I wanted to avail coupon code as I am ordering for an institution project, but they do not provide coupon code for udrones (which is again, part of 3DR linkage, if I understand correctly). They earlier said they would, but later said the information was incorrect from their side. I am ordering Quad-D frame assembled arducopter which is not available directly on 3DR. The International FedEx shipping charges at udrones is 136$, more than twice at 3DR and this can't be combined with products bought at 3DR simultaneously!

I completely respect APM and have my contributions via forums too where ever I can, but having ordered a product, must go hand in hand with an informative website and an available customer service when you need them.

Hope this really improves!


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I just noticed that there is a huge disparity for International shipping rates between 3DR and udrones.com. In 3DR, there is FedEx economy shipping that costs 36$, the shipping rate at udrones is 136$.

I do not understand why this is so, if that is a mistake or is it due to some shipping reasons?


I agree, their customer service and website are mediocre at best.



We are located at: 
3D Robotics
7170 Convoy Ct. 
San Diego, CA 92111, 
United States 
Tel. 1 (858) 324-1741 
Fax. 1 (858) 605-4541


But the best way to get help I find is via email, I have never had to wait more then one business day.


For more questions! 
Contact us by mail!
* Please mention Udrones on the subject for a faster response from our team ;)
for sales and customer support service:
for tech-support or any technical question:

Note: Our email address have changed, we are no longer using udrones@gmail.com. 

Thank you for your support. 

Or give us a phone call!

 Tel: +1 (858) 324 1741 Ext. 1050

  on udrones homepage

I can't speak on the international shipping rates.

I  sent them 2 e-mail in the passed two weeks with no reply from UDRONES, I was charged $65 dollars for international shipping from Baja California to Miami (I don't Get IT).

Maybe the disparity in shipping from Udrones vs 3DR is because Udrones is located in Mexico and 3DR is in USA? Just a shot in the dark on that one.


I am aware of the 'about-us' page at udrones, which I got to 'when I really' needed to find the contact.

1. A customer friendly website would have these important details right on the first page or have a visible link to it on the front page. Improvement of website itself can play a big role to attract more customers.

2. The udrones customer care is not responsive enough by email. Further, I decided to call them up and did so at least 5 times within business hours on weekdays for some information before ordering and they never seem to pick up. This made me decide not to go with it.

3. I ordered unassembled products from 3DR instead, which do seem to be more reliable than udrones.

4. Shipping charges from 3DR cost: $45 for 'International FedEx Priority' while that from 'Udrones' cost 136$ for 'International FedEx Economy' for similar costs of (800+ $). Usually, shipping costs reduce or are made free when the price of products are beyond a threshold.


g'day guys, first post for me!

Just doing some research and I am currently having the same issues with diydrones customer service, namely, no response to any of my 3 emails over the last 3 days.

Unfortunately for them, I've got about $500 of products in my cart and just want the answer to a couple of questions before I click the button!

Anyway, guess i'll have to wait and see.

In the mean time, does anyone know why I get this message "You do not have access to this page. Please contact customer service for further details on accessing this password protected section."

When I try to look at the ADNS3080 Optical flow sensor?

Thanks :)


Hi James,

I think that looks like a 'BUG' in the website and happened to me when I ordered from 3DR last week. They should correct this, I had written to them, but there was no response for this concern. Even I tried to order 'Optical flow', I could not order due to same problem.

I think better order somewhere else, but if they do reply in time, please keep me posted. I would like to place it with my future orders with 3DR.


Thanks very much for the qucik reply mate.

I have also found the sensor for sale on goodluckbuy dot com - but I have never purchased from them before... might wait a few more days and see if i get a reply from 3DR.

Cheers. James.


I had a very good experience with my order on 3D robotics store web site. They answered my enquiries before and after my purchase. Emails were answered always within 24hrs. I was delilvered fairly quickly in Europe (Fedex) for a full kit 3DR quad+electronics. I do not remember the price but was not as high as what you mentioned. So, very pleased with them until now.

Further I do not think it is fair to point publicly in a forum at a bad service quality based on your single opinion. Did you first try to contact 3DR to discuss your complains ? this, I think, does not reflect the overall opinion. As a proof just see how many people are satisfied on this forum by the excellent reactivity and support provided by 3D robotics personnel (e.g. : Chris, Randy and and all the others).

By the way , I am not a shareholder of 3DR. Just my humble opinion.


Yep! Me too, ordered a bunch of components from UDrones- they arrived quickly, as expected, reasonable shipping, and I had contact with customer service and it was great!

I had a recent rather crap experience with 3DR support too... my APM2 and MinimOSD blew up just after Xmas so I

  • Sent a support email to help@3drobotics.com on the 28th of December, received a holiday period response (fair enough)
  • Sent a reminder on the 7th Jan (after the xmas break had completed and no response)
  • Got a response on the 11th Jan to try a few things, tried them and replied on the 11th
  • Got a further response on the 16th. Saying the serial mux is probably damaged. Replied on the 16th asking what this means for me.. i.e. board can be repaired or not
  • Got a response on the 19th Jan saying 3DR don't offer repairs, but will offer a discount on new replacement equipment
  • Mulled it over a RCTimer clone is still much cheaper than replacement with discount.... 
  • Decided to give 3DR one more chance and sent email asking how to get replacement discount on 24th Jan
  • 8th of Feb, sent another mail asking the above... as hadn't had reply
  • 13th of Feb, sent yet another mail asking above... still hadn't got a reply
  • 14th of Feb finally got a reply saying how to order (and gear is ordered and on way)

Given one of the major reasons to pay the extra for a 3DR board is the so called support (vs a RCTimer or other clone), I don't feel I'm getting the love... or the value to justify the difference in cost!

I also agree with the point that each support contact should have a unique Id so it can be tracked and prioritised. I'm sure over new years is a busy time, but the support was very adhoc. If I knew my request was being tracked and I was in a line, I would have been much happier about it!


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