Hi Guys,

I do not know how many have had issues with 3DR/ udrones customer service. I am quite disappointed with their customer service response:

1. I do not see any customer service number to call/ enquire. I am surprised!!

2. Not completely informative and I have to wait days before getting information on an order/ any issues with an order before even placing it.

3. The udrones website is not completely informative, with broken links, lack of information on money payment methods on checkout (udrones).

Also, I wanted to avail coupon code as I am ordering for an institution project, but they do not provide coupon code for udrones (which is again, part of 3DR linkage, if I understand correctly). They earlier said they would, but later said the information was incorrect from their side. I am ordering Quad-D frame assembled arducopter which is not available directly on 3DR. The International FedEx shipping charges at udrones is 136$, more than twice at 3DR and this can't be combined with products bought at 3DR simultaneously!

I completely respect APM and have my contributions via forums too where ever I can, but having ordered a product, must go hand in hand with an informative website and an available customer service when you need them.

Hope this really improves!


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What the ? Atoms? There is value if posting this keeps the company in business wouldn't you say? Are you threatening? There is always one....

He is trying to say atoms. Or maybe electrons. But in fact they provide so much more and I would like to see them successful. With an open source product though, you are selling support. If the support is lacking, you die. That would be a tragic loss for the community.

There is always some sanctimonious person that wants to shut down dissatisfaction dialogue but in fact, lively discourse is a healthy attribute.

I have really liked the live chat feature of HobbyKing. Maybe 3DR should consider this. However, try and get Hobbyking on the phone, or the CEO of the company on forums and see how far you get...

There is no doubt 3DR is kind of in its infancy right now and has growing pains, but compare it to the customer service of other international hobby suppliers and they are pretty good. 

I do think that every email should be answered in less than an hour during normal business hours, however. This needs to be a priority. 

Here here Steven.  This is lively and healthy.  I want them to be successful as well.  They provide a great balance to other companies that would be charging twice as much for auto systems and components. 

Probably a lot of them, but I guess that's part of the service.  Glad to know they have a warranty on them.  Although I dont remember reading about their warranty policy anywhere. 

I will say though that I am really excited about the new Y6 and X8 conversions that have just come out.  I personally would love to order the Y6 conversion for my hex but I guess I'll hold off until the current issues I have are taken care of. 

Keeping quite about mediocre customer service will ultimately do more harm than good to 3D. You can bet the compettion will go to school on any weakness 3D R may have. I am very very impressed with my Hexa C and I have no doubt that the owners will improve their product by taking to heart sincere criticism. I personally want to see them become a huge success and only wish the best for them.

Smart businesses listen to their customers - that's if they want to stay in business.
This is a business in the free market. There is no "give and take." There is "answer emails" or "ignore customers." There is "live" and "die" and there is very little empathy or anything in between.


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