I have gone through 2 air telemetry's without using either in the air.

I connect it to the Pixhawk and after trying them out a few times and while they were working on the ground, both have blown or now do not work. No LEDs show. Can anyone tell me where the problem lies as I do not want to get another and do the same. The PC side works. In both cases while loading the waypoints to the pixhawk, they have been errors. Then eventually the telemetry stops working and is completely dead on the Air side?

I have a 3dr power module and connected it to the pixhawk, which powers everything. The plane flies but I am wanting to use the telemetry. The Pixhawk and Telemetry are from a supplier who I cannot get hold of and supposedly they are genuine 3DR components?

Please I need some help? Desperate



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What make are they? Do you have the correct antennas connected?? Are you a South African DJ?? We have  a Derek the Bandit on the wireless here.

Hi Gary, no ......I am not the Bandit DJ....sadly for you.....? But I am in JHB and South African

Supposedly they are genuine 3DR telemetry kit. All plugged in correctly as they were working before and correct antennas. One comment has been the voltage from the Telem 1 port. Maybe not correct but I have no idea. I can send waypoints via the usb nd it takes about 2 seconds to write with no errors. When connecting with the radios, it used to take about 10 minutes just to load the parameters. then it would take about 1 minute to load waypoints and sometimes I would have to do it 2 or 3 times before it was "done" as it used to get errors? SO rather confusing, and then they just died?

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