3DR(clone) telemetry air radio stopped working and blinking red and green

After trying to upgrade the firmware on my Air Radio it stopped connecting to the Ground module and both the green and red LEDs keep blinking.

On studying the setup I found:

1) The air module is able to load settings individually when connected to "3DR Radio Config / MP" with FTDI cable ( It is blinking green when connected to Computer with FTDI cable and as soon as I click Load settings it loads the settings but with red light blinking rapidly)

2) The ground module is able to load the settings. And both the modules are on same firmware version (Sik 1.7) .

3) When the air module is connected to the Apm with LiPO both Green and Red LEDs of the module are blinking continuously, What does that blinking means?

4) Both the Radios are not communicating remotely.

Anyone please Help Me !!!

You can see the video here


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any update on your issue?? i am in a similar problem...

No improvement, the air radio lights keep blinking red and green, even my gps is not blinking blue but it is able to get 3d fix and Apm is able to arm. A friend of mine told to "Re flash separately and confirm channel numbers and check for breaks in the antenna and soldering". Best of luck!


now my air radio seems to have burnt off :-)

i don't understand why such things happen with me ;-)

Lucky!!! made my GPS blinking back, initially I updated my GPS with 3DR-Ublox.txt from www.copter.ardupilot.com through APM2.6 and u-center_v8.17and this doesnt works for Ublox NEO-6m. Now I uploaded the right file and it is blinking blue. The right file for Ublox Neo-6m is attached below


I think even my air radio is Burnt it is blinking red and green continously..

How did you confirm that your air radio is burnt ?

how did you access the GPS?? to upload the text?

follow this link for better guidance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIgs3UCLfd0 but use my neo6mgps.txt, if you are using UBLOX NEO-6M GPS 

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