Yesterday i got my LEA-6 GPS module and made a short comparison.

I Placed my Copter outside on the street and wait 2-3 mins to get a good GPS Signal and then I running a track on the street with my copter over my head. First with Mediatek and after with the new LEA-6.

Surprise! the LEA-6 are mutch better! I Got the GPS Fix under 30sec, got GPS in my House... and the now the Loiter works mutch better!

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AC is night and day better with the new UBlox chipset. The MTEK has a firmware fix, but it's still not as nice.


Dear Silvio

Is there any driver to be installed for UBLOX LEA-6? I have pluged my LEA-6 to my APM 2.5, but it shows no signal.

there is a very tiny red LED on the back. Should I change the back up battery or add some driver?

Thanks for help

No Driver needed.  Did you disable the existing GPS  (if you are using 2.0?)


I also saw similar results yesterday.  The LEA-6 is a great upgrade for APM 2.0 users.  I was very impressed with RTL and autoland.  Much smoother than the MediaTek.


When I purchased my Ardupilot, I chose UBLOX, so it came directly with it. But, do you think still I should disable another GPS on the board?


No... if you bought 2.5 with UBlox then you should be good with no disabling or drivers needed.

Sorry I missed your comment that you already have 2.5.

Why do you think you dont have a signal.. are you looking at it inside from the mission planner and getting "NO GPS FIX" or not getting a blue GPS lock light while outside?  If you are getting the No GPS FIX message its working you just need to get it to open sky.

Actually I took it to street. I don' t get neither of them.(No signal on MissionPlanner and no blue LED). I was waiting for 10 minutes, but no signal.

I'm at a loss here. I have tried ever way to search for this and can not find any info.

I have a APM2 with built in mtech gps. I want to replace it with a ublox, is there any information on the forums explaining if this can be done and how ?

Thanks much,


NM I need to read above .........

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