I don't know about most IRIS owners but the external status LED that is located on the bottom of the battery compartment is a bit hard to see before launch. I decided to implement an idea to view the status LED from the top of the shell.

I drilled a hole in the top shell directly above the controller's RGB window and used a section of small hot glue stick as a light pipe. As you can see, it works nicely. Of course the glue stick was for proof of concept only. I have some 6mm light pipe coming for a permanent install.


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Very Cool Bruce!

Very nice!

Nice bodge!

Nice, less is more

Hmm...I have my Iris opened up and I'm not seeing what light this would pick up that would show the same status as the light that is at the bottom of the battery door.  The only light I see are those on the GPS board and on the pixhawk, but none of those seem to match the status light at the battery  door.  Here is a picture showing what my Iris has...none of the lights shown match the status light of the battery door.  Where I have the red arrow appears that this would be directly under your light pipe.  On my Pixhawk, this does not show any light...so, I'm wondering if this window should show a status light???  Does yours?  If not, what is the light pipe picking up to show the status?


Hi Rob.  The window the arrow is pointing to provides the lighting for the lightpipe on my IRIS. I'm not sure why yours is not lighting.  Here is an example of the LED at work.

It's possible that it's a parameter setting but not sure as I'm new to PixHawk. My external RGB on the battery door was DOA when my IRIS arrived.  So I made this work around until the great folks at 3DR send my replacement part. It was something I wanted to do anyway - the failed RGB just gave me a reason to do it sooner.


I got a response to the same question from 3DR.  They said that only one site will light...either at the battery door, or on the Pixhawk like where you are using yours.  I unplugged the battery door site and sure enough, now the site on the Pixhawk lights up.  I will have to think about which site I'd rather have working, but I guess I'm leaning toward keeping it at the battery door.  While it would be nice to easily see the lights when it is on the ground, at least I CAN see the status then.  However, once in the air, the battery door would be the only site visible.  However, by the time it is flying, the status should be AOK, so will have to give this some thought.

But thanks for the response.


Thanks for clearing up how the LED's work.  

I really don't see the practical use of the battery door LED.  It is of little use on the ground, especially in a grass environment.   When in the air and several meters away it's also of limited use.  I will only need to see the that the status is good for launch and in the green before I throttle up.  So when I get my replacement RGB, I may not install it. 

You may be right...before I go to the air, I already know the status...and once it is away, as you say, the light serves no purpose.  I will find a light pipe I think.  Again, thanks for the suggestion.


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