Hello all.

A few days ago I've made a big screw-up when I've connected by accident the battery to my hexa with the inverted polarity.

The Power Module almost melted instantly, and of course the hexa died at the moment. Nevertheless the APM still lives for I connected it to the mission planner by USB and it works fine like if nothing had happened. Blessed Power Module!

So I decided to buy a new 3DR Power Module. Unfortunatelly now it's only sold with XT-60, when my hexa came all with Deans, but I thought that was a minor setback that could be resolved with an adapter.

So when my new Power Module arrived, it came without being wrapped with the heat-shrinking tube and the comparison was inevitable.

Besides the evident differences on the plugs, and the bad PM being with the solder in bad conditions, I've found out a big missing part in the new PM.

Please watch the enclosed pictures, and tell me if the new PM (with the XT-60) is really incomplete and have to send it back to the seller, or if it's just a more recent model and everything is fine without the need of that part.

I say thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards,
António Cabral

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No interference problems that I could detect. Yet.    :)

but check my building steps at the link below, and give me your opinion:

I've done a building history here:

Building a new hexa 

I can't believe how hard it is to buy one damn genuine 3dr power module in europe!

Now I've bought it from buildyourowndrones.co.uk and it got lost in the way.

And to put things more complicated, most of the stores listed as Dealers of 3DRobotics don't sell nothing related to Arducopter.

What's going on?

The one with the missing voltage regulator is the replacement, and was never used I got refund for that.

The old one is the one who melted due to the inverted polarity and thus have that aspect.

The APM is still working though, at least when I connected it by USB is was fine as usual.

I hope I wont have an unpleasent surprise when I finally have a new genuine power module.


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