I put aside the 6 channel radios from my selection. I narrowed it down to 2 (maybe 3) radios.


1) The Futuba 8J found here. I was reading another thread about the PPM problems with a Futuba 8 (or more) channel radios. If this will cause a problem is it relatively easy to flash the PPM encoder with the update?


2) The Spektrum DX7s found here. This is slightly more expensive than the Futuba, even though it has 1 less channel.


3) I will possible consider a Hitec sytem, but not a Turnigy. Budget is $300.


I really don't want to strech my budget out of 6 channel radios but I think more channels will allow me to expand more. What are possible uses of a few more channels. When I put a camera on, I (most likely) won't use pan and tilt.

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Hitec Aurora 9 without a doubt. The programming is super easy with the touchscreen and it has telemetry out of the box. The receiver can be powered directly from the flight pack so you know the voltage on the transmitter screen (and can set alarms accordingly). If you're not interested in Hitec I'd take the Futaba over the Spektrum (but the Hitec is awesome!).

Is it hard to program any computer radio, I'm new to them. I've only used the old FM systems. If I decide on the Aurora 9 where can I get it the cheapest, as its about $340 on Towerhobbies with a 6ch reciver, which exceeds my budget. If I don't get it is the Hitec Eclipse any good, I like the ability to monitor the voltage if it has it.

Get a used radio from one of the previous top models who still has a transmitter modular bay. Liker for example Futaba 9C/10C or equal JR radios. Then get the FrSky 2.4ghz modular transmitter and receiver system that fits the transmitter bay. You save money and get a more flexible system with MUCH cheaper receivers and more features in the process.

All the latest radio models come with proprietary 2.4ghz radio systems, resulting in brand lock-in. Forcing you to purchase overpriced "brand" receivers where you have to pay extra for every little feature.

I just recived my radio, I ordered a hitec eclipse 7. What do I program it, I really have no idea of comouter radios. I link the tx and rx. Do I have to leave the bind plug in too?


Thanks for your help

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