I picked up a cheap Samsung tablet to use with Droidplanner and the 3DR 915 radios I have. The 3DR comes with a cable for connecting to tablets, mini USB on both ends, but the cover is blue on one end--which I understand is supposed to go into the tablet. When I connect the Galaxy to the radio it doesn't power up--I don't get the green power-on light that generally flashes until the radio pairs.  The radio works fine on my laptop. 

Any ideas? is there some driver required for the tablet?

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Exactly what Galaxy tab are you using? I have the note 10.1 and have the same prob. Any new updates?

For what it's worth, I went out tonight and bought a Galaxy Tab 4 so I could try out Droidplanner. I've never used an android device, and like most guys, pulled the tablet out and turned it on and proceeded to try to connect without reading any instructions. I downloaded the Droidplanner app and plugged the 3DR radio in using the same blue cable you mentioned. Lights started to flash, I clicked Connect and it connected right away. The only thing it asked for was permission to download a high quality voice file, which I allowed. Didn't have to download anything else. Did you get any lights at all when you plugged it in?

Just remembered also, when I plugged in the radio it asked which app I wanted to use with the USB device, which of course I selected Droidplanner...

It's at my shop and I don't recall, it's a Samsung 7", probably a Tab 3. I don't get any indication that it is powering the 3DR radio.

Same with me on my Tab 10.1 Pro, works fine.


There are issues with the 7" tab. I forgot what it actually is but I think it is something with the hardware that does not allow it to "export" power or something. You can google it and find the exact reason. Regardless I plan to use the Samsung 7" as my GCS but will be looking to a blue tooth remote bridge for my setup. 


It might have to do with whether the tablet has USB OTG (on the go) and this determines if it can supply power.  If I remember correctly. 

Okay, I've chased this long enough, the cheap tablet goes to the grandkids. Sounds like the Tab 4 works okay, is there a better choice?

The 2013 Nexus 7 is still one of the best choices out there :)

It looks like the Nexus and Galaxy Tab are the purest Android tablets meaning less crapware and more likely to be compatible with future Android versions. I'm an Apple guy but I do like the Tab Pro.

I did EXACTLY the same thing.

I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7" and the darn thing doesn't have an internal USB host adapter/chip. So... the USB port on that model is really only good for charging.

I returned the 7" and purchased the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8" and it DOES have the USB chip (OTG)

It (Galaxy tab 4 8") works-ish, but I discovered that the droid planner developers are using the Asus Nexus 7 as their reference tablet which is just a bit more expensive. While I don't have the 2013 Nexus 7 to compare with my Galaxy Tab 4 8", my impression is that the Nexus 7 is faster, and more of an 'open' android install than Samsung. I wish I would have gone that route. Droid Planner can be noticeably sluggish on my Galaxy Tab 4 and it crashes frequently. 


I did notice that Droidplanner crashes on mine. Thought it was an app issue but sounding like the Nexus works better.

Is it possible feed 5v to 3dr separately with ubec?


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