3DR radio telemetry and Visual Studio C# 2017 comunication

Hi, guys!!

I'm quite new here, don't know if I'm posting in the right section, please help me.

I'm developing an important project (a quadcopter) as my undergraduate thesis, and I need to send data from Visual Studio C# 2017 (I'm going to use a joystick to control my quad, so I need to send some variables like the throttle, roll, pitch and yaw axes of "int" type and one button) to my Arduino Uno. I bought an 3DR radio telemetry V2 in order to do the transmission.

I sent a mail to help@3drobotics.com asking for help, they told me to appeal to the community.

In my opinion, my first step to solve this problem would be to discover if there is a library (a .dll file) that can be used. I searched for the datasheet also and find none.

Please, guys, help me out, it's too important for me and my time is running out, so I beg for help. It is being kind of hard working alone since now.

Thanks a lot for your attention!



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