Hey folks, 

I am trying to use a set of 3DR radios to control an arduino board robot through a PC using a controller/gamepad that is hooked up through mission planner. 

From what i understand a 3DR radio is more a less just a serial tunnel, but i am not sure if mission planner will let me set up a joystick and 3DR radio and connect to an arduino instead of an APM board? The APM board is based on an arduino anyway isn't it...

Anyone done this type of thing before? I would like to use mission planner as it saves a lot of trouble fiddling with my own program - plus i love the interface and want to hook up some gyros to the arduino eventually that should be able to feedback to the mission planner/ or not...?

Any hints in the right direction would be much appreciated - Thanks!

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Sorry that I cant offer any help, But I am very interested in doing something similar.

My only thought is that you could maybe use one of these:http://www.digi.com/products/wireless-wired-embedded-solutions/zigb...

They are meant to work with arduino.

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