3DR radios will not connect for initial setup *** SOLVED ***

I'm trying to get the 3DR telemerty radios configured for the 1st time.

But I can't get the radios talking to each other.

My situation:

2.5 APM with latest firmware

APM powered via PSB & ESC, APM LED's red = flashing, blue = on, GPS/red = on

MP set to Com12, 57600 baud

3DR home/usb radio with latest firmware, radio flashed red & green during update

Win 7 x64 Device Manager shows driver installed correctly per FTDI installation/troubleshooting .pdf (see attached)

However, when I use 3DRRadio config 0.9 application > Terminal > ATI = no response from the home/usb radio.... no response from the radio with other AT commands

3DR home/usb radio flashes green

3DR remote radio flashes alternate green & red

Ctrl+A radio configuration displays home/usb radio default config (save worked ok)

no config values display from the remote radio

When I try to 'Connect' I get the countdoun screen which when it reaches 0, it locks up MP, The only way to exit is to Windoes > Task Manager > end task

What does 'Copy required items to remote" do? when do I use this button?

What's my next troubleshooting step to get the radios talking to one another?

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Follow the steps below for Linux/Ubuntu to configure Telemetry radio settings (almost all today use SIK firmware):

1) Install Putty (sudo apt-get install putty)

2) Insert the telemetry device to PC over USB

3) Open Putty and configure (look under Session and Connection->Serial sections) :

Baud rate/Speed: 57600

Serial port/line: /dev/ttyUSB0 (check using ls /dev/tty* on terminal)

Data bits: 8 

Stop bits: 1

Parity: None

Flow control: XON/XOFF

4) Click Open button

5) An empty serial terminal is shown

6) Type +++ on terminal and press enter

7) You would see "OK"

8) Type ATI5 to show all user settable EEPROM parameters

Perhaps the most useful command is ‘ATI5’ which displays all user settable EEPROM parameters. That will produce a report like this:

9) Now test with the following commands:

The AT commands available are:

  • ATI - show radio version
  • ATI2 - show board type
  • ATI3 - show board frequency
  • ATI4 - show board version
  • ATI5 - show all user settable EEPROM parameters
  • ATI6 - display TDM timing report
  • ATI7 - display RSSI signal report
  • ATO - exit AT command mode
  • ATSn? - display radio parameter number ‘n’
  • ATSn=X - set radio parameter number ‘n’ to ‘X’
  • ATZ - reboot the radio
  • AT&W - write current parameters to EEPROM
  • AT&F - reset all parameters to factory default
  • AT&T=RSSI - enable RSSI debug reporting
  • AT&T=TDM - enable TDM debug reporting
  • AT&T - disable debug reporting

All of these commands, except for ATO, may be used on a connected remote radio by replacing ‘AT’ with ‘RT’.

Hope this helps "someone" trying to figure out how this works! Basically its super simple and you can do this over coffee!!



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