3DR telemetry no longer supported by 3DR....options?

I have been using the 915mhz telemetry v2 units with my Pixhawk for a while now.  One of them is not giving the range that it used to and I need a replacement.

I varified the range with the use of my Fighting Walrus iDrone Link and one unit is getting about 100m range while the other is getting good signal to where my hexacopter is just a spec in the distance.

Problem 1:

I can not get hold of Fighting Walrus any more.  They have not answered my emails since about October of 2015.  I am assuming they are no longer active? (also no updates to their iOS app for almost a year)

Problem 2:

3DR are no longer making their 900 or 433 telemetry units. (verified vie an email to them)

"Hello Justin,

Thank you for contacting 3DRobotics customer service.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, we do not have the Telemetry available anymore since they have been discontinued, both the 915 and 433."

I am using a Nexus 7 v2 Tablet with the Tower App (great app by the way)


Other than the $250 long range 900mhz kits (I don't need/am not allowed to use super long range) or $10 knock 3DR off kits from China (gamble as to whether you get a good one/no warranty), what options are there that are "PnP" ?

I am using a Taranis Plus TX with x8r RX and could use that telemetry but then there is no way to load missions in the field.

Thanks for input


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I don't speak for 3dr at all but I think the fact you can buy all these clones is one of the reason 3dr had to re-evaluate the business model. You can't sell a radio for $100 when people can buy the same thing on eBay for $25. But look at the up side of open source which Chris has been a big proponent of. The creativity, diversity, of product now offered in relation to the whole open source code and hardware apm line of products. Just amazing!!  We all owe Chris a big gigantic thank you!!  It can be difficult to weed out the 'shitty' products but better to have all the options than only one like DJI that charges you a kings ransom for the most basic accessory. Look around you can find quality mavlkink radios. RFD900 for example. 

I don't disagree with your comments Richard and yes, Chris and his team do deserve a big thank you

THANK YOU CHRIS AND TEAM!! (really, thank you and all who are/were involved with 3DR)

3DR has made strides in this field.

However, say I was to buy a car, I don't want to have to go to many different stores to buy parts for the car hoping they are of OEM quality and actually engineered to do the job.  Some people are happy fitting non OEM parts hoping that the part will work because they are cheep.  Some people prefer to go to the dealership and pay a little extra for a part that was designed and engineered to do the job promised without the worry of wasting money and having to buy the same part again.  To each their own.

I have many people come to the dealership I work for and willingly pay the extra for the assurance that their car will not break down.  We have airport shuttles that run almost 24 hours a day come in.  These companies can't afford for their vans to be off the road and so they pay a little extra for the right parts the first time.

Case in point.   A friend of mine purchased a clutch kit for his 1996 Toyota truck.  I fitted it for him and it seemed okay at the time.  5 Months later the part failed.  It had a 3 month warranty.  Now he had to buy another clutch and have it fitted, a genuine part this time (once bitten twice shy). Now the job cost more than it would have to do it properly in the first place.

It's the same for us DIYers.  I too have bought parts in the hopes that the cheep price will be worth the risk only to be burned.  I rejoiced when I found 3DR.  An almost one stop shop with quality parts and good customer service.  Now, sadly it seems, I have lost 3DR.

I guess I am a little disappointed that this has happened as I am now back to hunting and pecking and reading reviews from, often poorly written and bias blogs and forums (not including DIY Drones, this site has a higher standard of DIYer and actual engineers rather than self proclaimed experts than other sites, but often does not have reviews of items I am looking for).  

It seems that it is not only the telemetry modules that are unavailable from 3DR.  The 3DR online store is very sparse.


Aussie: I agree with you about genuine parts but, fortunetly, Chris allows other serious providers to manufacture spare parts with the open source, last year I couldn't buy parts from USA for goverment politicies, only chinesse  (fortunetly we changed gov ;) this year ) and that save me to continue my proyects with serious Chinnese providers, (only pirates copy Naze for ex.) lot of engineery as you say, but only that choice and now, that we are returning to open market 3DR don't sell anymore components :( Murphy law, but we still have this great Chris forum to know were to buy and were not, etc.,I feel Chris don't go away abandon their users, now we have lot of tools to continue owr hobby and He take another way to continue growing, Is just a Genious!! :D, the only thing that I disagree Is that He's the main culprit that I adquire this vicious :D

Hello. I have seen here intetesting conversation about quadros.
Maybe you will find good this one
I'm confused, are the "core accessories" going to be available? Seems odd that 3dr has been planning this for a while and nobody thought to get the new supplier up to speed a little sooner. Even the statement above is giving mixed messages. Also why would 3dr sell the autopilots and radios but no cables to connect them? Seems like people making their own or buying from eBay could be a support headache.

For the "time being" it seems, the answer is no.

You will have to find blogs and forum and trust the reviews of mostly unknown people and buy from other online sources.  There are some good items/reviews and there are some bad ones.

You can buy a real Pixhawk, but nothing to make it useful from 3DR.

Good luck spending your money.


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