I was wondering if anyone had any info on the disappearance of the 3DR U-Blox LEA-6 from the store? I Was getting ready to purchase an APM 2.5 combo and noticed that the only option now is the Mediatek GPS. Any one have an details on why it is no longer available and perhaps when more stock will be received if any?


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*bump - same question from me.

Okay, this is just a theory but I think I now now why there is no more U-blox GPS availability. Check the image below, it seems that there is going to be an APM 2.6, one that has no internal Compass so that it can be compatible with the newer U-Blox GPS that has a built in compass. The below image doesn't always populate when you visit the store, but I would say about 1 out of every 9 store visits will yield this image. 


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