Anyone have any luck getting a 3DR radio to connect to an HP Slate 7.    The Droid Planner loads and works nicely, but if I try and "connect" to the radio, I get a not connected message.


I also don't get any lights to come on when I attach it to the USB port on my Slate Device.

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Hi. Under USB debugging in your android settings, turn on USB Debugging.

If you still dont have power, then your slate may not be delivering enough amperage to the USB terminal.

Use a USB host cable for your android that also has a separate line for connecting to an external USB power source(such as a full powered 2.1 amp USB charger with the appropriate connector).

Hook these up, then see if you get power. Not every mobile device has enough power for external USB connections. Often it is below 500 mah, and lower towards 250mah in some cases.

I have used a Galaxy Note 10.1 with a USB adapter and it supports the radio modems just fine. Although not at full power, but certainly enough power to allow for more than a mile of TX range.

OK, so I turn on USB Debugging, and used a USB cable that took power from an external power source.   Was very optimistic as the Telemetry module powered up, and linked. (solid green light!)


I then went into Droid planner, but unfortunately when I click on the "Connect" button, it immediately replies "Disconnected".


See picture of my connection and external power cable.

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