Some one know the weight of 3DR Video / System OSD system, the total weight of items that goes on board.

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Tiger 900mAh 3S25C lipo - 63.2g

200mW VTX w/ power cable - 26.0g

5.8Ghz antenna - 8.6g

CCD camera - 25.1g

camera mounting bracket/screws - 4.5g

OSD w/shrinkwrap, cables - ~12g

(optional) 5.8Ghz Clover antenna w/ cover, bent RP-SMA - 18g

(optional) 5.8Ghz Clover 3-lobe antenna w/o cover, straight RP-SMA - 6.8g

Don't forget to add weight for any additional mounting hardware, cable management

Thank You !

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