3DR Wireless Telemetry: Green Solid LED on both radios


I am using a 433 MHz 3DR Wireless Telemetry bought from Hobbyking.

I want to connect Erle Brain 3 and Mission Planner using the radios.

On following the instructions given in the link:

http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-sik-telemetry-radio.html ,I am getting a problem now that both the radios are showing a solid green led. On pressing Connect on Mission Planner, there is a red led that blinked for very few seconds. Then after 30 seconds, a message was displayed that  "No Heartbeat Packets Received".

I have also tried by upload firmware(local) and also tried resetting and doing it again as suggested in a few forums.

Thanks. Please help at the earliest.


Trishant Roy 

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Try to swap Rx-Tx lines, check baudrate (57k).

Marcin Krawczyk said:

Try to swap Rx-Tx lines, check baudrate (57k).

Hello Marcin,

How should I interchange them? 

I have attached a picture of a radio and the connector.


Try to swap two black wires next to red one.

But first check baudrate.

Rx Tx of which connection? Erle Brain 3 or Radio Connection?

And how should I execute it? Please suggest.

I have checked the baud rate. It is 57600 baud.


You should have connecred Rx from radio to Tx on EB and vice versa.

If you're upgrading ground module's firmware - you have also to connect air module to PC and upgrade it's firmware to the same version. And also check if both modules have the same configuration settings.

The rx tx connections are correct.
I have ensured that the configurations in both radios are same.



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