3DRobotics temporarily stops shipments outside of US and Canada


I have received the following email from 3DRobotics last night, my Iris quadocopter was already in France, at Fedex office for a delivery at home on monday. 3DRobotics say they cancel my order and will refund me, rhis mean they will ask Fedex to send back to product to the US, why such a decision for all customers ? Why cancelling a shipement when the parcel is nearly at your home ?

Here is the email I have received from 3DR


Thanks for your order with 3DR. We're writing to let you know that, due to a temporary change in our shipping policies, we're unable to ship orders outside of the US and Canada. We'll be cancelling and refunding your order immediately. We're very sorry for the inconvenience, and we'll let you know when we can resume shipments to your country.

If you have any questions or would like to make modifications to your order, write to us at help@3drobotics.com or call our support line at +1 (858) 225-1414, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm PST.


The 3DR Team
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Euan -

You misunderstand my intent. I was stating that the US method for Delivery of Brain Farts is in fact an amazingly efficient system; it is NEVER delayed by weather, war zones or even Customs. We ALWAYS get our Brain Farts there on time or earlier... If one could harness that system to deliver actual goods, we'd put FedUPS out of business in a fortnight. :p


Or sooner.

bylo by fajn tuhle otazku smazat, nez jim dojde, ze to tak delaj vsichni. jo jde to.

Use the Shipito Nevada warehouse so you don't pay CA sales tax.  ;)

Yeah. Problem is that even you manage deliver good fast an efficient way with that FFBFD (f* fast brain fart delivery) system there is still some bugs in it. I mean that some times if you order oil pump to pump your oil from ground you can get well oiled tank instead of pump. Anyway it is not so bad if you think it that way that this tank probably also donate free lead, depleted uranium and speech of freedom to you. They are quite valuable things, if you just manage catch these "free donations of freedom" before they hit to your children or even worse to your new diy drone, you will be rich.

While we enthusiastically wait new twists in this 3DR (I start be out of pop corns) I think I will order my parts from china. Lets hope that some point also in US they will see that there is slight possibility that maybe (just maybe...) there can be something wrong in their country and they will open company to Europe. 

I thought 3DR was supposed to have an official statement by now.
Hi Georgie, I'm sorry but we're still working with the legal team. We've made great progress but the ban is still in effect.
Hi Vu, can you provide us some information what ban exactly you have to deal with? Was there a legislative action we missed? Do you have links to news reports or government acts referring to this ban? I really am wondering what has happenend here. Normally (at least in Europe) such bans are a long legislative process, not such strange ad hoc thing, especially when company's business is affected that hard.

I think the consensus is that 3DR products may be subject to ITAR restrictions possibly due to their ability to run autonomously. ITAR isn't new so wouldn't be in the news. If they are found to have violated expert regulations then I think the penalties are quite severe so we may not see 3DR come out the other side of this. 

They're also probably being legally gagged from discussing details with anyone other than their legal team. This would explain why there is no full detailed explanation.

All guess work but it fits what's known so far I believe.

3DR has felt it necessary to stop shipping internationally as we iron out some regulatory issues. We have not violated any laws and we really do expect to resume shipping in the very near future.

Vu (or is it Tran?) -

I know it doesn't seem like much, but that REALLY is good news; and actually, the first REAL news we've had in a while.

This whole thing has been a Pandora's Box of worry and speculation; the demons swirl and dance in the absence of official word, but at least now there's Hope.

Now as to whether Hope is the first good thing to arrive or the last of the demons out of the box... that will be a matter of some debate. ;)


I blame those useless, non-voting babies. If they carried their weight at election time, we could fix this. :p

Paul, don't blame the babies. Blame the parents.

Yes, we are all feeling the pain. It is frustrating that we have such incredible functionality in the Pixhawk, and we can do so much with it, and it is opening up so many opportunities, but it is temporarily out of reach. Very frustrating. However...we should all keep in mind the incredible amount of work that has gone into the development of this system, the investment in time that the contributors have made, the endless hours of testing conducted by the community and the feedback freely given by users, the obvious investment in manufacturing and development made by 3DR and the passion which drives this development. Yes, it is open source, but unless people invest in the technology and unless there is a return for the people that drive and manage the development, progress can not be made.

There has been a fair bit of frustration thrown in this thread, but we should all spare a thought for those people who have spent so much time making this technology available to us and the obvious frustration that they must be feeling. 

Good luck all. I just hope you are manufacturing heaps of stock so that when the gates open again you can meet the demand.

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