3DRobotics temporarily stops shipments outside of US and Canada


I have received the following email from 3DRobotics last night, my Iris quadocopter was already in France, at Fedex office for a delivery at home on monday. 3DRobotics say they cancel my order and will refund me, rhis mean they will ask Fedex to send back to product to the US, why such a decision for all customers ? Why cancelling a shipement when the parcel is nearly at your home ?

Here is the email I have received from 3DR


Thanks for your order with 3DR. We're writing to let you know that, due to a temporary change in our shipping policies, we're unable to ship orders outside of the US and Canada. We'll be cancelling and refunding your order immediately. We're very sorry for the inconvenience, and we'll let you know when we can resume shipments to your country.

If you have any questions or would like to make modifications to your order, write to us at help@3drobotics.com or call our support line at +1 (858) 225-1414, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm PST.


The 3DR Team
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WE are community interested in RC hobby

YOU are manufacturer of equipment we invested lots of our $ and time

THEY are people in suits who makes our life difficult

Considering Chris Anderson post about 54.000 members


2/3 sessions is non USA/Canada citizens.....

DIY-Drones is independent of 3D-Robotics! It was started by Chris personally before 3DR even was founded.

Thanks Emin,

And so  each of these depend on the other one for their existence.

Little variation is that manufacturer invest a lot of money trusting that we the Community would back them.  So if   " we "are not there then  both "You" and "they" will be seeking different profession.

G.Day guys.

@QG, I think you pinpoint it right: most lambda Americans do not realize anymore what democracy and freedom can (should) really be. The ideal authoritarian control is the one where people are convinced they are free and in the best world: these slaves will never rebel.

Now that situation is coming to Europeans too thanks to our EU authoritarian bureaucracy and international supra control of FMI for example (they are governing Greece, Italy and Portugal right now. Waiting for the next financial crisis to take even more countries under slavory)

I'm tired of waiting for pixhawk to be in stock again in european stores.

What is the best alternative to pixhawk and APM as plane flight controllers?

I've been told about PitLab, can someone tell more?


Of the 5 autopilots i have seen/worked with in a plane personally (Range Video, Eagletree, My Fly Dream, Cyclops, and APM/Pixhawk) the APM / Pixhawk fly the best and have by far the best auto navigation and telemetry.

Why don't you buy an APM 2.6 from a Chinese source?  Eventually the export thing will get worked out and you can upgrade to Pixhawk then.  In the mean time you will be up the learning curve on the APM... and they fly really well. 

Thanks for the advice. I was trying to avoid the chinese copies, but seems like that there's no better option.

Why have you not included South Africa There are lots of us as well I need parts and cannot get them

Anyone tried a freight forwarder such as reship.com, shipito.com or any other?

Please don't wreck this exploit by publicising it.

Discretion here is the only way some of us can continue to use these devices.

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