Please guys i need some help. I got a pair of 433 MHz telemetry modules from RCTimer, but the antennas just don't perform. And i want to buy some new ones. I am thinking in buying one of this dipole for the Ground Starion and one of this to use in the Quad. Is this the best configuration? Please help me soon.

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For those of us heathens that don't want to (or can't!) get our head around antenna design, does anyone know anywhere that you can just buy optimised antennas for 433 radios?

Hi Everyone, I see all of us had issues on 433 telemetry. I myself used the stock antenna and they performed rather poorly. Try this out, it worked for me. Order from team BlackSheep the LRS receiver antenna 433mhz , then order from Foxtech the transmitter LRS whip antenna cost around 19.90 dollars. You can also find this at hobby king , usually out of stock. Now the results are amazing, set your frequency below the 420mhz band and you will get 90% gain even over a mile away.
Good luck.
Don't waste time with those stock 2.4 they came with.

hi ..can you please post links ? Thanks..

I had this problem and I buy HAM UHF antennas  for PMR radios now I have both to ground module and on air module and the problem gone. PMR LPD G7 G8 G9 MIDLAND ULTRAWEIGHT but little bit expensive but I take a good range. This antenna is only UHF and not VHF like others. And it is lightweight so you can put it in the frame. SY7AQJ

thank you so much !

These are all the wrong connectors.  Any off the shelf with the correct connection?

If you want to get range, put this on a antenna tracker and use the dipole from ebay on the quad.

I use both the TBS 42 and 101 antenna's on mine for about 6 months. Works in my normal range, but not actually done a full range rest yet.


What's the recommended testing approach - the tuning screen in MP, with RSSI and REM_RSSI enabled? At what value does it start to drop out?

Trent from my geek show did an awesome episode on range test

Thanks for the info Kirbi, I am always keen to learn more about the RF side of things.  I assumed that the apple shaped radiation pattern was ideal.

I will do a bit more research then knock together a new pair and see how they perform.

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