450Quad crashed in stabilize mode!!!

Hay guys....

                I was flying a 450quad with pixhawk3.3.3with vibration dampers, M8n gps, 3DR telemetry, BEC module and futaba transmitter. I had a clean fight in stabilize mode for about 3mins and then quad suddenly yawed in counter clockwise direction for 3 times and fell into the ground.... from dataflash log, it showed EKF error... but I dont know what caused that error.... all the esc and motors are working fine. I dont think that prop could be damaged  or any other mechanical issues during flight... I am attaching the log file below... pls someone could analyse and tell what could caused crash....

2017-02-21 16-55-13.bin

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  • Hay  Mossbackfarm... I checked all the motors and escs. All are fine... I use vibration isolation for mounting the pixhawk. I even flew the same quad about five times before the crash (sixth flight crashed)

  • Hay  Michael Burmeister thanks for the reply.... I have attached the correct file... I could plot motor outputs (RCOUT)... I will also attach .log file 

    "I think it is possible to crash in Stabilize mode with version 3.3.3 do to over use of the GPS in this mode" - Stabilize mode does not use gps inputs. can you explain me more clearly?

    2017-02-21 16-55-13.log

  • At 3:28:30, yaw starts picking up right after your vibrations start to spike after being good for the previous portions.  Check motor / esc?

  • This log shows a normal flight with no issues.  RCOUT is not logged which is needed when determining an issue with flight.

    I think it is possible to crash in Stabilize mode with version 3.3.3 do to over use of the GPS in this mode.  Later version I believe corrected this issue.

    This log did not show any of this and did not show any Yaw issues so I don't think this is the correct log.

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