Hi Guys, can someone please advise me as to what controller and microcontroller would be best suited for my setup, being, 4x 36v hub motors 350w? I'll be forever in your dept because I don't have a bloody clue. Lol. Mic.

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you might want to look at this controller 


Awesome mate! So will I be able to run all 5 motors from the one controller? Thanks OG.

No believe only one controller per motor!
Excuse my ignorance... So I will need 5 controllers and how many micro controllers?
Sorry, that is incl. 5kw motor for cutting deck.
Each motor requires an ESC! This type of ESC has simple controller built in . Multiple controllers can be salaved together to be controlled by one or external microcomputer.

I'm learning. Thank you and thanks for your time and patience.

I should add this type of controller is meant for manual control not RC TxRx. Controller is for e-bike skate boars, e-gocart or DYI project . You attach throttle switch, power switch, wheel sensor & lock this to controller for motor control. 

Ok? It's not going to suit my setup then. I'm going RC. and later GPS. Great help anyway. Thanks.
Then you need to use a air carft ESC or Truck ESC for RC. You will also need RC RX and TX as well to controll the ESC motors.

You loose me when you go into planes and heli. What's an ECS etc. All I know at this stage of the game is I need a controller or controllers, a micro controller, transmitter, receiver and batteries to get the carriage going. To make things easier we'll leave the cutting deck stage for after. Don't get me wrong, I need your help but I'm a dope when it gets techo. So, you've sent me two links. Are they both micro controllers? Which one will I use for the 4 wheels?

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